BSNL WiMax Review: My experience with WiMax service in India

Read this article to learn my experience with BSNL WiMax in Kerala, India. I have provided a detailed review of the WiMax services from BSNL.

DISCLAIMER: In this article, I am talking about some of my good experience with BSNL. Before you conclude on their services, do not forget to read some of my bad experience with them. Links to those bad experiences are given at the end of the article.

I recently shifted from Bangalore to Kochi. Relocation is always a pain and each time I relocate, getting a high speed internet is one of the biggest challenges for me, even though it is supposed to be a trivial thing for most people. When I moved from USA to Bangalore, I went through a lot of hurdles to get a broadband connection from Airtel in Bangalore. You can read more about my experience with Airtel broadband service. But I was of the impression that such experiences are not very common and I may have to never experience the same, but I proved wrong when I relocated again to Kochi.

Before I decided to move to Kochi, I planned ahead to make sure I will have a broadband connection when I reach there. I called Airtel customer support to cancel my Bangalore connection, so that I can apply for a new connection from any provider of my choice in Kochi. But Airtel guys convinced me to "transfer" the broadband account instead of choosing another provider in Kochi. They assured me that I will have an uninterrupted internet connection in Bangalore and Kochi and we agreed up on canceling the connection in Bangalore just a few days before they activate the new connection in Kochi. After I reached Kochi, few days later, Airtel Kochi office called me to inform that a connection is not feasible in the area where I live.

I lost several days without internet since I was waiting for Airtel people to show up. At last, they said they are canceling my old account, but about one month later, they still sent me a new statement to make payment. Okay, leave that aside. Airtel is Airtel and I never expected anything better. Let us come to the topic - Experience and review of BSNL WiMax internet.

My Experience with BSNL

After it was confirmed that I can't get Airtel broadband, I visited BSNL office. I was happy to see they have a customer service center but it did not last long because they simply asked me to go to the backside office where I was greeted with large number of banners and notices from trade unions within BSNL. (Such banners are very common in front of all public sector/govt offices in Kerala).

There was no one to talk to, even though I saw many people standing outside and chatting or smoking. I wasn't sure if they are employees or visitors. I went ahead and asked one of them if they could tell me whom to ask about getting a broadband connection. To my surprise, the guy asked my address and said he will go check and comeback. He went to my house in his scooter and came back in few minutes saying there is a shortage of 30 meter cable and it may take 2-3 days to get new cable.

I kept visiting the BSNL office every 2-3 days asking if they have got the cable. About 2 weeks passed and I started losing patience. Finally, I walked into a room, which says 'restricted area' and asked if it is possible to give an "YES" or "NO" answer regarding an internet connection for me. Then a gentleman suggested I could go for BSNL WiMax, which is one of the best options in Kerala, which has very less downtime and requires almost no maintenance. I was reluctant to go for a new technology since I depend on internet for living and I did not have a lot of trust on a new technology, especially with BSNL, considering the plethora of trade union banners I saw in the telecom service provider's office!

However, since I realized a wired broadband from BSNL or any other service provider is not feasible in the near future, I decided to go for BSNL WiMax service. Another reason I opted for Wi-Max was, there is no initial setup cost other than the refundable deposits, which came to about Rs 1,750 in my case (Rs 1,000 deposit for the CPE device and Rs 750 advance for the monthly plan cost). One of the BSNL employee talked in detail about the advantages of Wi-Max internet over broadband and I was convinced enough to try it.

I filled the application form and submitted the address proof along with a photo. The paperwork was done in few minutes and they gave a small demo of how to setup the Wi-Max CPE device. I was told to come back the next day since it will take couple of hours to activate the service for me. I picked up the device next day and drove him, hoping to see high speed internet at my home shortly.

Setting up Wi-Max

Here is an overview of how BSNL WiMax setup is:

WiMax Review

I have written a separate post on installing and configuring WiMax at customer premises.

BSNL WiMax Review

We are using the wireless internet through WiMax in our home last few weeks and so far we are satisfied.

I really need high speed internet but since the original plan was to use WiMax as a backup connection, I chose only a low speed plan (512 Kbps), which gives unlimited download. My plan was to take a high speed, wired broadband for my regular work and the lower speed WiMax plan for downloading, watching videos, playing games etc. Higher speed WiMax plans gives only limited bandwidth (1 Mbps or 2 Mbps, up to few Gb limit), which is the reason I decided to go for the unlimited, low speed plan for all non-important internet requirements.

Even though the original plan was to get a high speed, wired broadband plan for important work, considering the reliability of WiMax, now I am thinking about buying a second WiMax connection with higher speed (with limited download capacity).

My current WiMax plan offers 512 Kbps download speed, but practically I get about 0.75 Mbps to 1.20 Mbps, except during heavy rains. One of the big disadvantages of BSNL WiMax is, severe weather conditions may affect the reception and could reduce the speed. During rain and cloudy days, the internet speed appears to be very low, making me think about wired broadband connection as a backup. However, from my past experience in my relatives' homes, during bad weather, the wired connection will have more problems. Atleast, the WiMax will automatically solve the problems itself when the weather improves but the problems with wired connections require a service call and many days of waiting for the BSNL service people to arrive at your home.

Read advantages and disadvantages of BSNL WiMax.

Read more:

1. Is BSNL WiMax a piece of crap?

2. Disadvantages of BSNL WiMax broadband internet technology

Article by Tony John
Tony John is a professional blogger from India, who started his first Weblog in 1998 at Tony switched to blogging as a passion blended business in the year 2000 and currently operates several popular web properties including,, and many more.

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Guest Author: Yodha01 Jun 2013

Thank you for sharing your BSNL WiMax experience. It is helpful.

Guest Author: fenil baros15 Jun 2013

Thanks for the review on WiMax.

Author: Tony John15 Jun 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

I think I will have to change my review of BSNL WiMax. I am having a very tough time in the monsoon in Kerala. When it rains, WiMax slows down terribly. Sometimes it does not even work.

Author: digitaldolby200204 Jul 2013 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2

Hi Tony,

I liked your review... I recently took a wimax connection frm BSNL. Now i want to setup a wifi router with it so that multiple laptops/computers can connect to it via wifi at same time.. Its for a basic home use of browsing.. Do you have a optimized router to e suggested.. Something below 2 K?

Guest Author: AyruS17 Jul 2013

So you do have to buy the extension cord? How much would it be?

Author: Tony John17 Jul 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0


WiMax package comes with one network cable to connect the device to the power cord unit. You just need another similar cable to connect from the power cord to your computer or your wireless router.

Take a look at this article to learn more about installing and configuring WiMax.

Author: Saroja18 Jul 2013 Member Level: Silver   Points : 6

I feel in India every service provider has their own merit and demerits and your article simply showing the experience of me I experienced in twenty days of time. We have tata photon plus data card but about twenty days before we got a message that it will not work and it will work only with hybrid mode that takes us to tata photon with a very slow speed. Then we thought of taking a broadband connection and as you said initial formalities are good with the front office and also the wiring has been done and even now the mind set of BSNL people have not changed to a good service provider company. After installation, we had been outstationed and after come back contacted 197 for enquiry of userid and password and it is routing to any city 197 and unless it is connected to our own city, it is useless. Somehow got id and password and working alright. But we have to see after sometime.

Airtel also has service only in cities and even 10 kms nearer to cities, the signal is very weak invariably in any state.

Guest Author: John21 Jul 2013

Hi there,

Nice review. I have a question. Can one extend the ethernet cable coming from the modem to the power adaptor? I want to install the modem on the roof of my two-storeyed house and place the power adaptor in the ground floor. Will this result in signal drop?

Author: Tony John21 Jul 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2


I am doing the exact same thing you are asking. I have the WiMax device at the top of second floor now and the power adaptor is in the ground floor. There is no problem with the signals. All I need is a 15 meter long ethernet cable.

Guest Author: John21 Jul 2013

Hi Tony,

Thanks. I will probably need a bit longer cable and will try it out. Another issue. I think the normal Cat 5e cable available in the market (D-Link) is for indoor use. So I think I will have it put inside plastic shielding used for electrical work to protect it from the sun. What do you think?

- John

Author: Tony John21 Jul 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4


I think it will be a good idea to use some sort of shielding to protect the cable from sun. My cable already lost the color since it is exposed to the sun on the roof.

By the way, my WiMax has been slowing down and recently it was giving lot of problems. The speed came down to 100Kbps during most part of the day, which is I thought is due to the heavy monsoon in Kerala. But I got the WiMax CPE device replaced by BSNL few days ago and it solved all connectivity problems. Now it works great as before.

Guest Author: John21 Jul 2013

Ah good, thanks the tips mate.

Guest Author: Josh09 Aug 2013

Thanks for the review.

I wish they would start providing Fibre optic cable direct to home with atleast 10Mbps.

Guest Author: ranjit singh19 Aug 2013

I am from Punjab, Amritsar .I also uses BSNL WiMax, because wired broadband connection always down due to BSML carelessness. I choose unlimited plan of 512 kb/s. But I hardly got 50 kb/s during day and at night it even worse. I reported to bsnl many times about the speed at night but there servicemen said your connection is good and there is nothing to do with your connection to increase increase.

Guest Author: Priyavrata07 Sep 2013

(portability)Otherwise this technology might be good but that will be of any use only if it works. In my case at Haryana, it works like a changing weather. Sometimes, You stop getting services at evening. Sometimes the service flip-flops every 5 mins. When we call the BSNL guy, same sarkaari answer is there, "Sir, peeche se kharab hai! (Sit it is defunct from the supply side)" just to avoid any responsibility. I really am cursing myself to purchase BSNL.
Earlier I had Airtel, they act like morons when applying for disconnection but atleast reliable service is there!

Guest Author: Satya20 Sep 2013

Want to know, if I purchase the outdoor/indoor CPE from BSNL in one state (Odisha) and relocated to Bangalore (Karnataka), will that device work without any further config with Bangalore telecom?
Do I have to visit BSNL in Bangalore to setup it again

Guest Author: Avi30 Sep 2013

Very very bad service by BSNL WiMax. I am able to play YouTube videos in the morning time before 9 am after that Youtube is not playable, and speed is very fluctuating. Service is very bad. I don't recommend to buy this WiMax.

Guest Author: 14 Oct 2013

Hi Tony sir,

I need your help regarding my new wimax connection. I want to make it a wifi, but my existing digisol wireless router which I was using for broadband connection doesn't fit to the wimax's network cable.

What to do?

Guest Author: sam16 Oct 2013

I second Rohit mishra's comment. I think Bsnl is throttling YouTube. Youtube is almost unplayable during daytime.

Guest Author: Gaurav28 Dec 2013

Sir I want broadband connection for video conferencing.Will bbsnl wi-max 512 kbps plan satisfy the needs. I want no buffering in video.

Guest Author: Aaron13 Jan 2014

My place is about 4 km from BTS. Is it possible that I will get a good network connection through WiMax? Your valuable advice will be very helpful and appreciated. Thanks.

Guest Author: clins31 Jan 2014

I get around 120 kb/sec speed with Rs.750 offer. I am satisfied with wimax.

Guest Author: Dan10 Feb 2014

Recently I tried a WIMAX connection, its speed is very poor getting about 4-7 kbps for downloads. Their franchise charging Rs3000/- for all modem & installation.I must say its a nightmare for me.

Guest Author: Vineeth13 Feb 2014

Hi Tony Sir,

The so called "wimax" by BSNL is not really wimax. It's only Wifi at IEEE802.11. Real wimax is 802.16 which gives speeds upto 1Gigabits per second which is the current 4G LTE speeds, it's available in Russia but not in India.

Here the so called wimax by BSNL is actually wifi 802.11 which can give a max speed of 7 mbps. It's only 3-3.5G, not the 4G wimax.

If you want better speeds and stable connection go for a GSM 3G pre or post paid connection from Idea or BSNL (as only they have 3G license in Kerala). Buy smart phone with wifi hotspot (router capability) and you can easily connect it to laptop or PC with wifi dongle (as laptops come with inbuilt wifi receiving capability).

Author: Tony John13 Feb 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2


Thank you for the valuable information about WiMax. I will try to learn more about it. But the sad part is, not even BSNL will not be able to give any additional information since no one there knows who knows the details.

Guest Author: Pothi Kalimuthu17 Feb 2014

Hi Tony,

It was a great review. I wonder how the stability of the ping is. I've been using BSNL wired broadband so far. Everything is good with it. Now, I need to move to a remote / rural area where getting a wired broadband requires bribing the lineman, which I don't want to do. I have other options such as Airtel and MTS. Both offer higher speeds, but have instable pinging. So, I wonder if the ping is stable with BSNL Wimax?

Thank you!

Guest Author: Romil05 Mar 2014

I am using BSNL Wimax and it is quite impressive. Speed is good but sometime fluctuates.

Guest Author: kathaku01 Apr 2014

Just few days back (last week) I bought a BSNL WiMax with unlimited plan (750 per month) for home but the downloading speed is decreasing and not to the expectation. It works at 10 to 20 kbps now. Is there any unlimited plan with high downloading speed? Please help me.

Guest Author: Kiran25 Apr 2014

Other than BSNL, is there any other service provider like Airtel offering WiMax in India? From what I heard so far, WiMax is not reliable. There are no wired internet available in my area. Data cards are also not good. Is there any other alternatives?

Guest Author: Mounika20 May 2014

I heard BSNL is going to disable bsnl wimax all over India from next month. is that true? Does Airtel offer WiMax services in India?

Guest Author: dibakar biswas29 May 2014

I want a WiMax connection at village Silinda, Chakdaha, Nadia. Is it possible to get WiMax there? How much it will cost?

Guest Author: Aro15 Jun 2014

I'm using a BSNL wimax connection too. Obviously the speed decreases often and sometimes it'll not work. But now the rain is gone and still I'm not connected to Internet.

Guest Author: Mridul Saikia16 Jun 2014

Where can I buy a BSNL WiMax adapter? Mine is no longer working and I like to get a replacement. If anybody have an adapter, please tell me. Is it possible to buy it from outside?

Guest Author: D H Rao05 Jul 2014

I want to get BSNL wimax. Kindly tell me procedure, telephone connection etc. Do we need to have a landline telephone connection to take a BSNL WiMax connection?

Guest Author: Philip Babu07 Aug 2014

I do not know how much BSNL has paid you, but I have been using their services from 6 months and I have never received internet connection in a proper way till day. The staff is horrible and if you call them for help they will never assist you saying there is no vehicle available for them. It is really humiliating when you pay money and do get such kind of response from the staff all the time and hung up on you. It is not worth your money. My name is Philip Babu and my WiMax user id is LB10036177. Thank you.

Author: Tony John07 Aug 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Dear Mr. Philip Babu,

BSNL didn't pay me anything! In fact, I have been to BSNL office numerous times with complaints about their horrible service. I even tried to tell them about the reviews I have written about them but no one seem to bother about my review, whether it is good or bad. They just don't care what we write about them.

You probably failed to read my bad experience with BSNL WiMax

Guest Author: philip Babu07 Aug 2014

Dear Mr.Tony John,

In that case you should at least mention this in your blog. I really liked the way the blog was written and I really appreciate your talent but I have chosen BSNL Wimax after referring your article and I really had to go through their horrible services .

It is not that they just do not care about but at least you or I can make difference by at least passing this information to common man who value his money.

oh sorry I missed the other article about your bad experience. Even I have decided that I will make this spread as much as I can because the employees of BSNL are so arrogant and they are destroying BSNL`s reputation.

Thank you Tony . Have a great day

Author: Tony John07 Aug 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Dear Mr. Philip Babu,

It was my fault. Even though I had published the bad experience, that article was not linked from this first review. So, many people would have read only the good experience of mine. I edited this review and have added the links/notes at the top and bottom so that the readers will see the bad experience as well.

Guest Author: Abhinandan18 Aug 2014

Hello I'm also used bsnl wifi max but it is not working and poorless quality...

Guest Author: Ankush19 Aug 2014

Hey I'm from dehradun and I'm planing to buy one of these . Just wanted to know is it good or just waste of money. I watch videos online. So will I face any problem in future?

Guest Author: peter12 Nov 2014

BSNL is worst network I have ever used. So much irritating and slowest network. Now I have criticized why did get the connection without any information. It is totally awful.

Guest Author: Tapas Bal12 Nov 2014

I am costumer of BSNL Wimax odisha since two months. Very bad service. Everyday net gets cut. You can do nothing, even no customer care for wimax, no one is there is listen the complaint. Just wait when the net will come. I tried BSNL customer care twice and gave complaint, they told me twice our guy will contact you, but no one contacted till date. So, do not take this worst Wimax connection, it will give you only tension, no net. Just waist of money. I am thinking of disconnecting as soon as possible.

Guest Author: Kiren09 Apr 2015

Same thing happen to me also including

"There was no one to talk to, even though I saw many people standing outside and chatting or smoking. I wasn't sure if they are employees or visitors. I went ahead and asked one of them if they could tell me whom to ask about getting a broadband connection"


Guest Author: vinod11 Apr 2015

You mentioned that you practically get 0.75 Mbps download speed. Does YouTube videos play without buffering in this speed? I require internet for mostly browsing and videos. So will wimax be appropriate for it?

Author: Tony John11 Apr 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1


With WiMax, YouTube doesn't play without buffering. But don't worry, if you choose to go with WiMax, you will eventually get used to buffering on YouTube!

Guest Author: PRAHLAD SINGH10 May 2015

I am using BSNL WiMax from near Yamuna expressway which leads from Agra to Noida. There is no wired connection. We purchased it 2 years ago and its working very good. It gives 500 kbps downloading and uploading speed. According to our plan 750, it is unlimited. We pay whole year at one time we get a discount of one month on payment.

Guest Author: Subhash D12 Jun 2015

I have one wi-max connection in Kerala. Can I take this connection to Chennai so that I can use it there as well? Please advise.

Guest Author: abdu salam27 Jun 2015

I have had a bad experience with BSNL WiMax. It is one of the worst services!

Guest Author: Sambhu Kumar. N23 Aug 2015

I am also using BSNL Wimax. It is somewhat better than Broadband. But after one year, the modem got damaged and I informed all concerned persons for replacement/service. To date I have got no response from any of the persons. This is why BSNL destroys itself - due to poor customer service.

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