Facebook game: Disney City Girl – Walkthrough, Review and Tips to play

City Girl is one of the trending games on Facebook. Game is related to fashion for girls. You can dress up your character as you do your Barbie girl. Here is the complete walkthrough of the game with review and tricks.

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Facebook game Disney City Girl is a simple game can be loved by girls/women who love fashion. Player will be dressing her girl in different ways for different occasions, decorate her home, complete all her works at home and at job place. Game will be similar like dressing up your Barbie doll. To play the game, login into your Facebook account. Click on "App canter" on your dashboard. App center page opens, click on "Simulation". Then click on "Top Rated" tab on the top. In the list you will find "Disney City Girl" game. Click on it. Click on the "Play Game" tab on the page and the game starts.

Basics of City Girl game :

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When you start the game for the first time you will be assigned some coins and currency. You will be forced to utilize them in tutorial. Later you need to gain them again. "Coins" are used to buy clothing, furniture, decors etc. "Glam" is used for currency in the game. Use them only if needed. "XP" will be gained when you finish the tasks or work something. Your game level will be improved with more xp. While working on tasks "Energy" will be utilized. In the start you will be assigned 15 energy points. Once you run out, you need to wait for few hours to gain back. "Needs" are the important aspect in the game.

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There are 5 basic needs. They are Fun, Friendship, Health, Hygiene and Rest, which indicates your character. So you need to concentrate on them. "Settings" help you to make changes in music on/off etc. "Work", you need to work as some designer or cook or any other profession to gain coins. By working hard in them you will be awarded coins and promotions as well. "Daily Look", here you can enter into Daily look competitions and vote for others too. "Rent" helps to know which flats are available for rent in the city. From "Shops" you can purchase clothes and other items. "Clothes" tab leads to your closet. When you purchase clothes, they are stored in your closet. From there you can change your dresses. "Décor" helps you to purchase decorating items. Few décor items have to be purchased by you as per the tasks given to you. Your tasks will be displayed on your left side. Once you click them, they show a preview of the task.

How to play City Girl :

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When you start the game, you are asked to customize your appearance. You can select the different dresses, hairstyles, skin tone, eyes; makeup etc. when you select any dress, the lady turns over and shows you all over. When you finish dressing up, click on "Done". Next you will be moved to a simple apartment. New tasks are given to you whom you must complete. By completing the tasks you can gain experience, coins and other bonus items as reward. In the tutorial, you are forced to buy a décor item from the market. You are asked to purchase a couch first. Place the couch in your apartment. Toggle your cursor to find out more in the given list. You can find 3 icons below the items asking you to rotate or sell or store the item. Rotate the item if needed or sell or store. If you want to change the carpet of your flat, then buy it from store and click on the end of the room and drag till its required. Total price is displayed and click on okay to purchase it. After few levels you can unlock coffee shop of your own. And new missions are on your way.

The player has to concentrate on "Needs". Needs are the aspects which keeps you happy. They are friendship, Fun, health, hygiene and rest. Sometimes these needs match with your tasks as well. The green color on these needs indicate that the need is running good. If its red in color try to improve it. For example, if your rest need is red in color. Click on the couch and click on resting. Then it will turn green. Once your needs are green, they start glowing and you will become dazzling. Dazzling is an action in which you get double the rewards or tasks you complete.

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You can shop new clothes from the "Shop" using your coins or gold or glam. There are casual, sport and nightlife dress codes to purchase clothes. Before purchasing any clothes do check your tasks to know whether any task is related to these dress codes. This can give you extra points or coins and fun too. The player can find a blue colored icon representing few points. These points indicate the "style points". Different outfits are to be chosen for different occasions. The more stylish you look, the more points you will gain.

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A briefcase icon indicates "jobs". For the first time you will be asked to choose any profession like fashion designer or chef. Then you need to work on to gain coins and improve your levels. You can change your profession too. Improve your friendship with visiting other friends. By visiting friends you can gain bonus or energy points. You can also gain daily bonus if you visit daily. Few tasks ask you to interact with your friends. By this you can gain points and coins. "Daily look" is a free competition in which you can participate and get ready best to get more votes. Different themes will be given and you need to dress up your character the best. Others will vote on your dressing by which you can gain glam points.

Tips & Tricks :

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  • The tasks assigned to you should be completed by you for leveling up and for participating in few contests. Visiting friends also helps in gaining extra energy points.

  • Keys are to be collected by you after completing each task. These keys help you in unlocking few other bonus tasks. If you aren't able to accomplish any task then skip it with gold. But do not repeat it for all as gold cannot be gained so easily.

  • Coins or gold or energy points are appeared on screen when you accomplish any task. Do not leave them, move your cursor to collect them. Glam points are collected by participating in daily look contest or by visiting your friends. Invite more number of friends and visit them.

  • Conclusion :

    City Girl will be loved by fashion loving players. This game is not addictive but can be played to pass your time. Few tasks can make you feel excited. I rate the game 3 stars from 5. Pros of the game are styling a girl/boy with different outfits and accessories; Participating in different contests; nice graphics; Cool Music. Cons of the game are, repeated tasks with different skins.

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    Playing Disney City Girl was a great experience for me. Taking help of gameskip is also good.

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