Speed Up PC with Advanced System Optimizer 3: A PC Utility and Registry Repair Software

Are you looking for speed up your PC? Then read this article to know about the Best PC utility and registry repair software in the world. Partnered with Microsoft, 'Advanced System Optimizer 3' is an India (Jaipur) based company's product, which impressed million users throughout the world. From this article you'll be able to know its features, performance, safety issues, and many more information completely.

Launched in the year 2004, 'Advanced System Optimizer 3' is one of the top products of Systweak Software that located in Jaipur – 'Pink City' of India. Established in the year 1999, the company has many famous products such as RegClean Pro, Advanced Driver Updater, Advance System Protector, Disk Speedup, and all in one PC Suite product Advanced System Optimizer. Compatible with 32/68 bits of Windows XP/Vista/7/8, this product also received accolade by CNET as 'The Best Optimizer' of the year.

Key Features of Advanced System Optimizer 3

Clean and Repair Windows Registry Errors:

Windows registry is just like heart of the system. If corrupted, the whole system may be affected with that. Hence, Advanced System Optimizer Registry Cleaner searches the unnecessary files in the registry and deletes them. It enhances the application consistency, reduces system downtime and update the registry and keeps only valid files.

System Cleaner:

ASO System Cleaner helps removing the junk and temporary files and creates free space in the computer. Due to such practices, it enhances the system performance and speedup the PC. The importance of ASO system cleaner is before deleting some special files, it restores in a specific folder and reports the administrator about it. Then the administrator can delete the irrelevant files permanently.

The additional features of this application is there is another search option for more junk files; where the user can search old files, unused files, invalid shortcuts of files and folders etc.

Registry Optimizer:

It is a process after cleaning the system and registry files from Windows. This feature helps fragmenting the space and creates / update new registry in the Windows. By doing such practices, the system-boot timing will reduce and application performance will enhance. If we left a long gap without optimizing the registry files, it will create junk files and reduce the speedup and application operations very badly. Therefore, timely or periodically registry optimization helps enhancing the disk space and fastening the PC.

Memory Optimizer:

The toughest situation while running a computer is sudden shutdown, hang on, or crashing like issues. Many computer users face this type of problems while using their PC. Memory Optimizer prevents such accidents of computers and gives full protection to the system from hang on and crashing like problems. It gives a complete report of your memory status like used memory, free memory, total memory etc.

Disk Explorer:

It is nothing but a presentation method of your hard disk space. It analyses the disk drives and produce a graphical report on how much space the drives have, how much is used and how much is free.

Privacy Protector:

It helps deleting the all the secret information, passwords, login / browsing history etc. from your PC. In addition, it also reveals the confidential information that was hidden stored in your computer. It clears each and every history of activities; such as start menus, run history, printing history, find history, network history etc.

Privacy protector also deletes all temporary, history and cookies of internet browsers.

Duplicate File Remover:

It is very effective feature that available in Advanced System Optimizer 3. It searches and identifies if any duplicate file available in your computer and deletes them to give extra space. It is the fast process that can scan and search duplicate files from all of your drives very quickly. After scanning, it'll produce a report on last scan performed, no. of duplicate files found and their total size.

System & Security Advisor:

It is a fast scanning and reporting feature available in this software that gives advice to you how to enhance the system performance and in which way. There is also a manual tune up system which is very helpful and time saving to tune-up and speedup your PC.

Secure Delete:

There is many data recovery application and software available in the market, which can recover the lost or deleted data and information from the computer. However, in defense and other departments when they want to delete some crucial information, it is not sure that those can be permanently deleted and may be misused by some anti-agents after recovering them. Therefore, to protect your deleted information or to not to recover again 'Secure delete' option is very helpful.

Once the files were deleted from the system, nobody can recover even with the help of any potential software. It completely wipes out the files and folders you've chosen and after completion of the process gives a report on that.

Secure Encryptor:

As we know files and folders can be detected even after hidden and password protected; however with the help of Secure Encryptor feature you can save and protect your files and folders by encrypting them. No one can decrypt them until they put the decryption password.

It is one of the best features to protect your confidential and valuable information.

Uninstall Manager:

It helps the user to uninstall the programs or applications from the system after a complete review on it. With the help of Uninstall Manager you can see the complete description of installed programs and you can opt for uninstall anything that you want from the list.

Startup Manager:

While opening and closing the PC, you might have seen many programs are running concealed; due to which the PC slows down during starting and shut-downing. With the help of this feature, you can opt what programs should load while booting the Windows. You can add, remove and manage the programs that you want to run while booting.

More Newly Added Features in Advanced System Optimizer 3

Disk Tools:

It is one of the new features that helps scanning the bad sectors in your system and fix the problems for future aspects. In addition, if some important files were deleted along with the bad sector, it helps finding or getting back without corrupting them. It is just like a health checkup tool for your system; which is very supportive.


With the help of this feature you can recover or undelete the deleted/lost files of your hard disk, external drives like CD/DVD/Pen Drives and partitions. The user can opt to recover the files and folder with quick scan, deep scan and master file scan even after it was deleted from the Recycle Bin. While restoring the deleted files, it will show the destination where you want to restore them.

Disk Optimizer:

It is similar to disk defragmentation system; however far better than that. If you face system failure, rebooting, application hang-on like issue just click on this feature to get rid of such problems in future. No need to restart your PC even after completion of this process, which helps protecting your work and go forward.

PC Fixer:

It scans your PC, produces report and short out the harmful issues in specific areas. You can choose an area to scan; where PC Fixer will act and fix hundreds of problems found therein. You can check the report anytime you want and its stores until you go for next time.

System Protector:

It is just like complete protector to the system that scans, identify, detect and clean infectious items that enter into your system through internet, LAN and other external drives. In addition, it also monitors the system from malwares, spywares and Trojans like viruses throughout the day. It protects your data theft by or misused by other spyware programs.

Driver Updater:

While using the PC, we're not aware of the drivers expired date and how long it will exist. With the help of Driver Updater feature the system drivers will update automatically without any remembrance by the administrator. Driver updater helps scanning the out-dated drivers in your system and installs them after downloading from the right path.
In addition, if you don't want to update the driver, you can get back to your old one that was stored in its backup folder.

Game Optimizer:

It is an additional feature which is especially for the game lovers, who doesn't want any kind of interruptions like messaging, music system and other activities while playing. It opens a special virtual window where one can play the games without any interruption from others; in addition, it enhances the application without breaking them in between a game.

Smart PC Care:

It is just like all in one in a single click feature. With a single click, it can clean the junk registries & temporary files, defragment the drives, removes the junk files etc. from your system by saving your time. The user can schedule this feature to perform multiple tasks like, cleaning registry errors, spywares, junk data and files; and optimizing the registry as well as defragmenting the system drives for better performance.

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How to reach?

'Advanced System Optimizer 3' is now available original from the company at 20% off; i.e. $49.95 product at $39.95. For additional information and queries on any technical needs, affiliates, sales, careers, etc. you can call on 24x7 International customer care no. is 1-800-871-7918 or visit this official link, where you can get the complete contact information: Systweak.

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