Big 2 Bonanza Facebook game: Understand the screen layout and learn how to play

Are you thinking of playing Big 2 Bonanza Facebook game? This article explains you the screen layout and game play of Big 2 Bonanza. It also gives you step by step instructions, tips and tricks to play Big 2 Bonanza Facebook Game.


Big 2 Bonanza Facebook game has been developed by Localoco Localoco is a social game developer. The Beta Testing version of this game began towards the end of January 2013. Since then, the Big 2 Bonanza has attracted thousands of Facebook users to this game. According to Kobi Edelstein, Co-founder and CEO of Localoco, "This demonstrates the enthusiasm of players to have a friendlier and simpler Facebook Poker app, where all players from all levels can join together and play in one table. Big 2 Bonanza is a game that brings both nostalgia and tradition together".. The game become has so popular over the last three months that it has reached over 100,000 monthly players making a humble beginning from just 300 players. Encouraged by the popularity of the game, the game developer Localoco is now panning to bring Big 2 Bonanza to smaller screens – Android and iOS devices very soon. In the following paragraphs, I have tried to give lucid and simple English, the description of the screen layout of Big 2 Bonanza and step by step instructions to play Big 2 Bonanza even for the novices who will be playing it for the first time.

The Big 2 Bonanza screen layout

Before you actually begin playing the Practice Table or Play Live against the other players on tables with different stakes, you must understand the screen layout of the Big 2 Bonanza screen. In the following paragraphs, you learn about this lay out:

Profile, Mail and Settings.

Your profile is shown on the left side top of the screen. Your starting level will be shown as Level No.1 on your profile. You will notice a bar under your profile. This bar indicates your progress to reach the next level. You need to play and get the Experience Points (XP) to reach the next level. The next icon to your Avtar is an envelope icon for your mail notifications and for sending and receiving gifts. The 'Settings' icon can be located at the right side of the Mail icon. You can change the settings to your liking here. The settings are AutoPass, Sound, AutoPlay and Auto Share/Post. If you set the settings for AutoPass, then the move will be automatically passed to the next player, if you don't have a strong card / cards to play. If you set to AutoPlay, the system will play the game for you when you run out of time, using the minimum options available for you to play.


Towards the right of Settings icon, you will find a Chips icon. Chips are the basic currency to begin to play Big 2 Bonanza. So, when you run out of chips, you have to click on "GET MORE" at the Chips icon. You will get 6 options to buy chips ranging from 8,000 to 2,000,000. There are other two options called 'Combo Deal' and 'Mega Combo Deal'. A mobile phone icon is also given here. This indicates that you can use your mobile phone. The options dialogue can be closed by clicking on the Close (x) button.


Locos are the premium or hard currency used to play Big 2 Bonanza. The Locos icon is placed towards the right of 'Chips' icon. Locos can be used to buy special game boosts (explained below) and unlock all kinds of fun features. More fun features will be added as the game develops.

Special Big 2 Bonanza boosts

Presently, there are three special game boosts available. The icons for these are placed on the left side of the screen. These are Double XP, Card Explosion and Show 2 of Spades. To get these special game boosts will cost 5 Locos each. The buyer of Double XP can use it to double his XP after the games ends. Once a player clicks this boost when playing the game, the flaming fire icon will appear with a timer. The player can get double amount of XP earned from the game as long as the game ends within the time limit shown on the timer. If all players, who use this feature playing at the same table, each player can get 3 times of their XP. By activating Card Explosion, you can remove one card from the chips calculation at the end of the game. By using the third feature 'Show 2 of Spades' will show you, which of opponents has 2 of Spades, which is the strongest card in Big 2 Bonanza. This will help you to counter any strategic move of the player having 2 of Spades.

Splendor Spin

The icon of Splendor Spin is given at the bottom right of the screen. You get a free Splendor Spin every four hours of the play. Clicking on the Splendor spin icon, a screen with spinning wheel will open. You can always take a spin for 3 Locos. Click on the round horizontal cylindrical golden bar to spin the wheel. It will spin with musical sounds. You can close it by using close (x) button.

How to find where you stand versus your competitors

At the bottom of the screen, you can see a leaderboard by levels or chips. There are two icons here to show you the Global leaderboard or your friends' leaderboard. Here, you will also find an option to invite your friends to play with you, and get chips. Just click on the icon 'Invite Friends'. You can see the moving profiles of your friends on this icon.

Navigation of the main functions

In the centre of the screen, you will find some cubes displaying the functions they perform. At a time, the three cubes will be visible. You can scroll left or right with given arrows to view other cubes. You can navigate and see functions like Daily Champion, Play Now, Send Gifts, Practice, Tutorials, Splendor Spin and Big 2 tables. By completing the Tutorials, you can earn 1500 chips.

Buttons to help play your hand

On the right side of the screen, you will find 8 buttons showing Straight Flush, Bomb, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three, Pair and Single. These will get lighted up helping you to show, which hand you have to play. Once you click on the lighted up button, the card or cards, which you have to play will pop for you to play. You can then click on the Play button to play these cards.

How are the hands ranked?

The buttons in the above paragraph will become clear to understand if you know how they are ranked. These hands are ranked as given below:
Straight Flush (5 cards)
4 of a kind + Kicker (5 cards)
Full house (5 cards)
Flush (5 cards)
Straight (5 cards)
3 of a kind (3 cards)
Pair (2 cards)
Single (1 card) - 2 of Spade is the highest card in the game, then hearts, clubs and diamonds are the weakest.

Ranking for straights and straight flushes, highest to lowest

Taking into account the values by suit and the values by card, the set of 5 cards J, Q, K, A, 2 has the highest rank. The set of 5 cards A, 2, 3, 4, 5 will be lower in value than the former. The set of 5 cards 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 will be of lower rank than A, 2, 3, 4, 5 because the latter contains A. But the same set of 5 cards containing 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 will be ranked higher than the set of 5 cards containing 10, J, Q, K, A. because the former has the highest valued card 2. If the set does not contain the card 2, then only the values of other cards will be taken into consideration. Thus, the set of 5 cards 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 will be ranked higher than the set of 5 cards containing cards with values 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

Ranking for flushes and straight flushes

According to the values by suit, the cards are ranked highest to lowest as Spade > Heart > Club > Diamond.
By card values, the card are ranked with 2 as the highest, followed by A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 and 3. The 3 of the Diamond thus becomes the lowest card and 2 of the Spade is the highest card.

Practice Table

You can either play a real time game with other players or play a game with robots on Practice Table. But if you are a beginner, learn to play using the Practice table after going through Tutorials. At the Practice table, you will be playing against robots Roben, Robbie and Robert. Some of the features will not be available when you play at the Practice Table. But it will give you a good opportunity to learn the game, before you actually begin competing with the real time players. For example, there will be no chip movement when you play on the Practice Table.

Some basic rules to play Big 2 Bonanza

Once you are familiar with the screen layout of the Big 2 Bonanza game, let us learn some basic rules of the game to start with.
  1. The Big 2 Bonanza is the game where you have to get rid of your cards. The player who discards all his or her cards first, will be the winner.

  2. Presently, 4 players are required to play the game. There may be more developments later because the game is still in the Beta stage.

  3. 13 cards out of a standard pack of 52 cards are dealt clockwise to each player.

  4. The first round will start with the player who has the 3 of Diamonds, which is the lowest ranked card in this game. This player is known as the 'round leader'. While playing on the Practice Table, you will become round leader by default as you will be shown having 3 of Diamonds. Your cards will be displayed facing upwards, and the robots' cards will be facing downwards.

  5. In the real time play, after the first round, the winner of the previous round will become the round leader, and will be the one, who has to discard the card / cards first, irrespective of the fact whether he or she holds the 3 of Diamonds or not.

  6. Clockwise, it will be the turn of the next player who will discard the card after the round leader. At Practice Table, it will be the robot Roben followed by Robbie and Robert. This player must discard a hand with the same number of cards as the previous player did. Secondly, the card / cards, which have to discarded must be stronger than the previous player. Read about how the hands are ranked given in one of the paragraphs above.

  7. If the next player does not have a higher card or a suit of higher cards, then he must click on the "Pass" button. (If you have chosen the AutoPass option in your settings, then this action of passing will be automatically executed by the system for you). When all the 3 players pass, the winning player gets the lead to start the next round. This will continue until the first player discards all his cards.

  8. It should be noted that you have a time limit to play your hand. You can always choose to play at "slower" tables with a higher time limit. This time can be selected from the options when you click on 'Play Now'. The limits presently available are 10 seconds, 20 seconds and 30 seconds. This feature is not applicable when you play at the Practice Table.

  9. The player who discards all his cards first, becomes the winner.

  10. The chips are distributed in a certain manner at the end of the game based on the number of cards left with the losers of the game.

  11. The winner gets the chips from the 4th player depending on the number of cards held by him (multiplied by the card value of the table) and the 3rd and 2nd place accordingly. You need not happen to be the first to win chips. You will always get chips from the players who are placed after you. This is based on the difference in the number of cards left. It is not applicable when you play on Practice table

  12. There is a penalty for players who are left with 10 cards or more. It is called penalty of multipliers. If the cards left are from 10 to 12, a multiplier of x2 is applied. In case all the 13 cards are left, the multiplier will be x3. For example, if a player left with 10 cards at a table and the card value is 1, then he has to pay the player in the first place 10x2= 20 chips. If he is left with 13 cards, then he has to pay the first player 13x3=39 chips. The same will increase to 40 chips or 78 chips in a table with a card value of 2, and so on.


I have tried to explain the screen layout and the procedure to play the game in a simple and lucid style so that even a lay man understands the intricacies of this game. The game is still in a development stage and some of the new and fun features are still to be introduced in the game. At present, the Big 2 Bonanza is available only as a Facebook app, but it is likely to be available soon on the small screen using Android and iOS software.

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