Skype - Troubleshooting common problems and getting solutions

Are you fevering from some common issues with your Skype account? Just walk through the article to resolve them. I have tried to discuss the most common problems faced with Skype and have found the best ways to resolve them. Read how to troubleshoot common Skype problems.

Official logo of Skype appSkype is a free calling app for all smart devices, including PCs, laptops and smartphones. The only thing that you have to do before calling free is to sign up as a Skype user and start messing out live with your family and friends anywhere, anytime. Live in the sense that Skype not only enables one to call for free, but also provides unlimited opportunities of free video calling. Though there is a fee but that fee is in everyone's favor; Internets package, that implies that Skype works online.

Features of Skype

You might be using Skype daily. Its extraordinary user-friendliness makes anyone learn how to work with it with ease in no time. Skype boasts of many cool features. Some of them are given below:

Unlimited calling and no bills: It seems to be quite addictive when people surf internet for free on smartphones as if using hacked browsers? Also imagine, how would you feel if you interact live with indefinite talk-time. Skype offers this feature at the highest end.

Write instead: Skype enables you to express your thoughts both face-to-face and in a written manner. It indeed gives rise to discussions and conversations. So, get in touch with your buddies using your fingers if you don't have a webcam. Being so super-duper, Skype is a must-have tool/app.

Superb emoticons: For instance you are watching a movie. At the same time you are working on Skype. Suppose you got a message from one of your buddies asking for what are you doing. But further suppose that you can't stay paused with it as the movie is so addictive. What will you do? You don't have enough time to write 'I am watching my favorite movie' or 'I am watching a movie, [its name]'. Don't worry! Skype has a solution. It offers you to use common Skype emoticons, helping to express your thoughts in one word substitution. The emoticons can be accessed by clicked on the smiley icon located on the top of the compose message box.

Other features: The app is full of unique and outstanding features. Alike above mentioned features, one can enjoy 'Share screens' feature, can change text size and font before messaging, can share contacts with a newbie, can rename contacts infinitely, can edit previous messages quickly with ease, can remove last sent message, can clear all privacy data, cookies and history, can leave a conversation or start a new one, can hide all notification for privacy purpose and can even search within chat by just pressing Ctrl + F keys.

Troubleshooting with Skype

I have often come across seeing that many of my friends are fevered from many issues in their Skype tool. And we surely know that nothing is impossible to do. There are many common issues faced by most Skype users. Most issues they suffer from have been resolved. Let troubleshoot Skype issues and let's resolve them, very below:

How to search for a specific contact if one yields too many names out of it
It is a matter of concern that you have too many contacts in your Skype library and you want to find out the specific person whom you look for. When you search for that person, the search result yields many contacts and you get confused.

1. Try to precise your search keyword which relates that person mostly.
2. Clicking on the search results' Column header will help to sort the contact regionally (Country/Region). This may be the solution.
3. Try to enter more appropriate data in the search box. The more you do, the more chances to find out the person, quickly.

How to effectively list your name in the Skype search optimization, after signing up
It has always become a matter of discussion that why can't anyone find me on Skype as I have signed up to it? Then, what is the solution.

Actually it is not only up to signing up an account on Skype and thinking that is all. It up to you, how you setup your profile? Providing full details in your profile, work quite effectively. So, add more information regarding everything you pose and it will lead to the yielding of better, even best search results.

How to generate a strong password but should be easy to remember
This matter has influenced many of my buddies. One among them had once kept a 15 lettered password which consisted about 90% of uppercase letters and 10% of both small and capital letters. I and my other friends suggested him to keep an easy-to-remember password was he looked over confident with his abnormal password for his Skype account. In about a month, he forgot that and then was supposed to reset the password. This is not the good way to manage and secure one's Skype account. So, how to say bye-bye to this problem, lets check out the solution, below:

1. Try to keep a user friendly password. A password which is neither too easy nor too difficult.
2. Try to bring up some silly words into your password, like 'waazup', 'plz' etc which are beyond the scope of common people.
3. Try to include numerical letters between 2 or three words, like 'please1help2me' or '1amaboy' and so.

How to converse with only a dozen of members than dozens
This is silly to understand but is an issue to be heeded upon. It stands to reason that suppose you have 100 contacts in your Skype contact list but you want to have conversation with only 25 people; so, what to do?

It is very easy to resolve this issue. Just group your Skype contacts, for example in Club, Family, Buddies, Inspirations etc. Then start the conversation with the specified group by clicking on 'contact group' option. Have fun!

How to resolve the problem of headset not letting me hear anything while calling
This is a very common problem faced by Skype users. To resolve the issue;

Try to plug in the headset before opening Skype. If you plugged the headphone afterwards, then quit and restart Skype. That is all what you have to do. Now you will be hearing every incoming thing and if he, whom you are chatting with, suffers from this issue at the same time, do let him know how to resolve it.

Wrap up

Now you know how to troubleshoot common Skype problems. I hope that this article will help you to understand various issues and the ways to say bye to them. Remain in touch as I will be soon writing another article regarding some rare problems with Skype and their solutions. Till then, if you know more ways to resolve the issues mentioned above, then feel free to share your feedback and suggestions with me.

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It is really well written about skype which is useful to every one who are staying separately and even a common man is using it nicely. This write up clears many of the doubts of skype.

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Thank you Saroja for encouraging my work.

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