10 Best Free Android Messaging Apps

If you are confused to download a best free messaging app on your smartphone then this article will help you. Here I have given 10 different free messaging apps' pros & cons for easy check.

These days everyone is so busy in their mechanical lives, that they are unable to keep their friends/relatives in contact all time. So people prefer to have some app on their mobiles, which can help them to keep their friends updated. Mobile companies have introduced apps to attract the customers with their best provisions. Here are few apps, which can help you to get information about best messaging apps on your smartphones. To use these 10 messaging apps you need to have internet connection on your smartphone. They work on Wi-Fi/3G/2G/Edge.

1. Whatsapp

Rating : 4.5 stars out of 5.
Size :10 Mb
Pros of Whatsapp:
  • Whatsapp is a best, user friendly app to have chat with your friends online. Whatsapp is available for Android, Windows, Iphone, Blackberry and Nokia smart phones.

  • Can download the app for free. You need not pay any for further usage.

  • Can send Text messages; share Videos, Pictures, Voice messages, Share your location and even Contacts. You can even have Group chats up to 30 people.

  • Can chat with international users for free.

  • No ads in between the chats.

  • If you cannot stay online all time then don't worry, your messages get updated once you switch on the internet again.

  • No login details.

  • Gets updated your contacts automatically who all are using Whatsapp.

  • Insert smileys and other pictures in the chats.

  • Can block any unwanted people to chat with you.

  • You can Save or Email your chats.

  • Cons of Whatsapp: :
  • To use this app, both of them should have Whatsapp installed on their smart phones.

  • App is installed on phone memory. App cannot be moved to the memory card.

  • No free calling supported.

  • 2. Tango

    Tango is one of the best trending apps as it has free messaging and calling. The app was awarded as the best communication app; best texting app and as a must have apps list. Tango app is available for Android, Iphone, IPad, PC, Laptop and Windows phone.
    Rating : 4.4 stars out of 5.
    Size :17 Mb
    Pros of Tango:
  • Free calling, video calling, messaging, share photos, videos and games.

  • No logins required.

  • Updates all the contacts automatically.

  • Can be accessed on smart phones, tabs and computers.

  • Best working on Wi-Fi such as video calling.

  • Share games and their scores with your friends.

  • Send cards or edited photos.

  • International calling and messaging is free.

  • Group chat is available for 50 people.

  • Can send photos and videos to non-tango contacts for free.

  • Cons of Tango: :
  • The app cannot be moved to SD card.

  • 3. Nimbuzz

    Rating : 4.3 stars out of 5.
    Size :7.5Mb
    Pros of Nimbuzz:
  • Available for Android, Windows, Blackberry, Java and Mac phones for free.

  • Unlimited free messaging and calling.

  • Updates contacts of Gtal, Facebook and Yahoo mail.

  • Share videos, text messages with smileys, files, share locations and Photos.

  • Group chats allowed.

  • Messages get updated when you switch on the internet or switch off the mobile.

  • Works best on Wi-Fi.

  • App can be stored on SD card.

  • Cons of Nimbuzz :
  • Free Calls and messaging can be done with only Nimbuzz users.

  • Account should be created to use the app.

  • 4. Viber

    Rating : 4.4 stars out of 5.
    Size :11 Mb
    Pros of Viber:
  • Available for Android, Iphone, Blackberry and Windows smart phones for free.

  • Free messaging and calling.

  • Automatically updates all the Viber users.

  • Group chat available for up to 40 members.

  • Text messaging with smileys.

  • Can share locations.

  • No ad interruption.

  • Share pictures, photos, videos.

  • Allows app to store on SD card.

  • Can block unwanted users.

  • App allows to record audio.

  • Cons of Viber :
  • Account should be created.

  • Free calling and messaging is available for only Viber users.

  • 5. Text Plus

    Rating : 4.2 stars out of 5.
    Size :7.5 Mb
    Pros of Text Plus:
  • Available for Android, Iphone, Blackberry, Tabs and Windows smartphones for free.

  • Free calling and messaging.

  • Free calling and messaging to international users.

  • Share pictures and videos.

  • Group chat available.

  • Group text and messaging to walkie talkie.

  • Free text messaging to US and Canadian mobile number.

  • No logins required.

  • Allows app to move to SD card.

  • 6. Go SMS Pro

    go sms
    Rating : 4.4 stars out of 5.
    Size :8 Mb
    Pros of Go SMS Pro:
  • Available for Android smart phones for free.

  • Messaging, voice talk, handwritten and graffiti are allowed to share.

  • Group chat available.

  • Hide private messages.

  • Cloud Backup is allowed to save the messages.

  • Scheduled sms is allowed.

  • Custom Themes to the chats.

  • Share pictures, photos, videos, locations and files.

  • Night mode of the app is available.

  • Beautiful smileys and stickers.

  • Allows app to write on SD card/Sim card.

  • Take pictures and record audio in the app is allowed.

  • Sent and Received messages are stored.

  • Security lock allowed.

  • Block unwanted users.

  • 7. Lango

    Rating : 4.4 stars out of 5.
    Size :10 Mb
    Pros of Lango:
  • Available for Android smart phones for free.

  • Share pictures and photos.

  • App has 200 icons and wallpapers.

  • Publish messages on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Allows storing app on SD card.

  • 8. Line

    Rating : 4.1 stars out of 5.
    Size :15 Mb
    Pros of Line:
  • Available for Android smart phones for free.

  • Free calling and texting allowed.

  • Quality calls on Wi-Fi.

  • No limit of calling time or number of text messages.

  • Beautiful stickers and smileys.

  • Share pictures, photos, videos and locations.

  • Sticker shop available.

  • "Timeline" is introduced to see your friends have been up to.

  • Available for PC and Tabs.

  • Allows app to write on SD card.

  • Allows taking pictures and videos.

  • 9. Facebook Messenger

    Rating : 4.4 stars out of 5.
    Size :10 Mb
    Pros of Facebook Messenger :
  • Unlimited text messaging with your Facebook friends.

  • Funny Smileys can be inserted in the chats.

  • Voice messaging.

  • Share pictures and photos.

  • You can check the online friends.

  • Get push notifications.

  • Share locations and videos.

  • App allows to store on SD card.

  • Works faster on Wi-Fi.

  • Cons of Facebook Messenger :
  • Your personal information can be viewed by others.

  • 10. Yahoo Messenger

    Rating : 4.1 stars out of 5.
    Size :6 Mb
    Pros of Yahoo Messenger :
  • Unlimited text messaging with your Yahoo friends.

  • Free texting and voice calls.

  • App allows to store on SD card.

  • Allows taking pictures and videos.

  • Others apps can be used in parallel.

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