Dessert Shop - Facebook game review, walkthrough and tips to play

Dessert Shop game on Facebook has been developed by Shinezone games. The game is popular on Facebook and has a few lakhs of fans. The Dessert Shop game is simple but entertaining one. Check out the review, walkthrough, how to play and tips to play the game.

Dessert shop, game on Facebook was developed by Shinezone games. This is a simple game in which the player runs a dessert shop. There are lots of fun loving points in the game like you can bake cakes, cookies, grow crops needed and harvest then use for the preparation of eatables, visit friends shops and help each other, expand your farms and many more. The game looks simple but has many more exciting options for the player.

The Prosof the game are different interesting recipes that can be done by the player, Enthusiastic goals, Farming, Wonderful graphics and clean music.
Cons can be the same cooking factor throughout the game.
Rating:The game can be rated up to 4 stars out of 5.

The game can be loved by farm growing and cooking game lovers. Personally, I love this game as I like cooking games. It's fun in completing the goals and leveling up. To start playing the game, you need to login into your Facebook account and just click on the "App center" on your dashboard. The App center page will be opened. In "Simulation" category you can find the "Dessert shop" game. Click on the "Play game" button on right top and the game starts.

Basics of the game

When you start the game for very first time you will be asked to choose your gender. Click on the right one as you cannot change it later. Then the automatic game tutorial will be started. You will be assigned with currency and coins, the tutorial guide will ask you to click on the icons to show you how to play with the basic machines in the game like the Garden, Counter, Grinder, Freezer etc. At the bottom, you can see list of your friends who are playing the game and in which level they are. You can even send invitation to other friends. Start your game after adjusting the volume, sound and full screen options.

The player will be given a small Dessert Shop with minimum machines like an Oven, Blender, Grinder, 1 Employee, Small area for Farming and other equipment like 1 set of Table & Chair. To start farming you need to spend few Energy points. Once you start your business and start earning you can buy more Machines, recruit employees and expand your Farm.

At the first level, you will be given few goals which you should fulfill to earn energy and currency as well. Your energy level points can be checked on the screen. You can even purchase the energy using cash earned by you. To gain Energy, complete the goals assigned to you or visit your friend's shops or purchase energy with cash or wait for few hours and return to your shop. As in every 10 minutes, you can gain 1 Energy point.

About coins, once you start the game you will be assigned 7000 coins. Later. you need to earn more by selling the goods to the customers in the shop. About DS Cash, you will be assigned about 30 DS cash in the beginning. Using the premium currency, you can buy decor items or cut off the baking time or expand your shop or purchase energy levels. The DS cash can be recognized by "$ - Dollar" symbol. You can even buy this currency using the original Dollars as well. They range from $2 to $120.

Baking tips

You can find an oven mitt picture on every machine which denotes that the machine is ready to use. You need to spend few coins to bake the items. By clicking on the oven, you get a list of items which can be baked by you at that level. When you move on to further levels, other items are unlocked. Each recipe will be cooked in specified time shown in the menu. You can select the recipe as per your ingredients quantity. You can collect the ingredients from your garden. You can harvest wheat, eggs, onions, strawberries etc. Blender and mixer are provided to blend or mix the items. You can purchase more shelves, more plots for farming in further levels and improve your business.

When you visit your friends' shops, you can even get ingredients which you are running on. By clicking on a dessert in the menu, it shows the list of ingredients and the quantity of each you have in your inventory. With this, you can check whether you are running out of any ingredient. If the number shows in red, it indicates the item is running out. If the number is shown in green, it indicates that the item is present in your inventory. In some goals, you will be awarded a few ingredients as well.

When you bake your first dessert, the automatic tutorial will guide you to mix and grind the items. Later, you can find an option called "Instamix" which does all the work automatically. Minimum time of a recipe is 30secs and maximum is up to few hours. In early stages, you will be able to cook only few desserts. Later you can unlock them. Up to 10 levels, most of your goals will be baking items only. Bake more items which can be done in less time to earn more coins in less time.

Once the dessert is done, you can see the picture of the desserts on the oven. When you click on it, your 1 energy point will be used and the dessert will be moved to the counter. Now, you can open your counter and customers start purchasing them. The player needs to concentrate on the customers and the number of desserts present in the counter. To earn more coins, keep the counters full all time.

Dessert Mastery :Each baked dessert gives you a gold star. If you garnish your dessert more beautifully then you can gain a pink star. These desserts can be sold for high cost. The player wins a "Gold star Dessert" when he gains 3 gold stars on a recipe. Pink star mastery can be gained by getting a few pink stars on a dessert.

Counters :Your desserts are kept for sale using these counters. So, you should keep your counters full all the time. The player should buy as many counters as possible to display more items, as no two desserts can be displayed in 1 counter. The player should even collect the gold coins which customers leave as a tip while leaving.

Decors :The decors can be purchased using coins or cash or friendship hearts which can increase your levels and reputation of your shop. Decorate your shop with attractive decors.

Goals :By completing the specified goals, you can level up or earn few ingredients. So, player should concentrate on the goals as well.

Expanding farm :By expanding the garden area or the surrounding empty area can give you more coins. First, you should expand the empty area which contains a "Coffee Machine". You need to serve coffee to fans to expand the land. To gain fans, the player should serve coffee to the customers in the shop. They leave a smiley face which indicates you have gained a fan. For every 6 hours 3 cups of coffee can be developed to serve your fans.

Helping Friends :Whenever you visit your friend's shop you can gain rewards. You can find a heart over the item which indicates that your help is needed. Click on it. You can gain 10 coins and an ingredient. When you find a "New" in the friends list, add them to help them. You can help one friend once in 24 hours.

Planting trees :You can purchase plant trees in the plots and gain ingredients. But, these trees live for a specified period only. After that time, you should clear them and plant new ones.

Inventory :Your goods are stored in inventory. You can store up to 20 items. This can be increased with your level up. Wheat is the main ingredient which is needed in more number. So, the player should keep on checking his inventory frequently.

Other tips :Concentrate on the goals to gain points, coins and leveling up soon. Save time using blender and grinder running before you leave the game. Do not keep them empty. Visit your friend's shops daily. Make sure to open the game once in 24 hours to receive daily login rewards. Check your next login time and according to it, add the ingredients in the blender or grinder. Use more counters and decors.

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Walk through is good but I'm having trouble figuring out how to do the goals and the Bake Goods shop and Chef Genius shop.

Is there any place to go that spells it out how they work?

Thank you

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