Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One: In-Depth Comparison

2013 is the year in which many Android Titans are being released. Galaxy S4 is the current flagship of the Samsung and on the other hand HTC One being flagship of HTC. Are both the devices worth comparing? Which Smartphone is the best, HTC One or Galaxy S4? This article will help you decide the best that suits you. Let's find out by checking out the detailed comparison of Galaxy S4 and HTC One.

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One
In one way, the best competitor for Galaxy S4 is the HTC One. As both Galaxy S4 and HTC One being manufactured by two different manufacturers, both these high-end devices bring their own unique features along with a distinct design. Some call HTC One to be a completely unique creativity, and some say Galaxy S4 is the best Smartphone ever. As a result, both the handsets have a large competition in the Android market. Also, this large competition makes the buyers really confusing. Now, let us move towards the real comparison of Galaxy S4 vs HTC One.

Comparison of Galaxy S4 and HTC One


Display of Galaxy S4

As you all know, one among the most impressive feature of Galaxy S4 is its fabulous 5-inch screen. This Super AMOLED display featuring 1920 x 1080 pixels of screen resolution gives pixel density up to 441 ppi. The display is stunning with sharp details and comparatively much better than that of Galaxy S3. The multi touch capacitive touchscreen of Galaxy S4 also delivers a Corning Gorilla glass 3 for the protection of the screen.

Display of HTC One

HTC One delivers an impressive 4.7 inch HD display which is a few inches smaller when compared to Galaxy S4. The display of HTC One features Super LCD 3 along with Corning Gorilla Glass 2 protection. Even though the screen resolution of HTC One is same as that of Galaxy S4 providing 1920 x 1080 pixels, the pixel density of HTC One is slightly greater than Galaxy S4 with 469 ppi. This is due to the smaller screen size of HTC One than Galaxy S4. The display of HTC One is also very impressive as it delivers very accurate colors along with crisp looking text and the screen is bright and beautiful.

Winner: Draw
Galaxy S4

Operating System

Operating System of Galaxy S4

As Samsung has been always in the front line to provide the latest operating system for their manufactured products, Galaxy S4 comes with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean straight out from the box. This really helps the consumers enjoy the latest Android OS right away. Also, Samsung is very efficient in delivering latest updates for their products at the right time. Even though the OS is nothing interrupting, the user interface that the Samsung adds in the name of 'TouchWiz' is slightly annoying. But the latest addition of various new features makes this interface much better than its predecessors.

Operating System of HTC One

One of the drawbacks that seems in HTC One when compared to Galaxy S4 is the operating system. This is because HTC One delivers a slightly older version of Android than Galaxy S4. HTC One is being packed with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. But, while talking about the UI delivered within the device, HTC has brought really refreshing Sense 5.0 UI that makes the device much better and compensates with that of operating system.

Winner: Draw

User Interface and Usability

Galaxy S4

Galaxy S4 really shines in this field as Samsung had added lots of customizations and features in its interface. One among such impressive features is the dual camera shooting technology, by which both cameras can be used simultaneously. Samsung also had added Group Play feature that makes the device to turn into the group with nearby Galaxy S4 devices and share photos and other documents. Several other exciting features also include eye tracking and similar gesture controls, S Health, Navigating around with gloves etc.

S Voice is yet another feature that makes the interface even more interesting. This voice assistant within a Galaxy S4 makes the device more supreme and take over the Siri app features on the iPhone.


There is nothing much to specify about the interface of HTC One as the manufacturer did not add anything special that can be worthier to compare with Galaxy S4. But, HTC has provided enough changes to the Sense UI. One among that impressive changes is the useful information provided within the lock screen that displays local weather info, calendar data, date and time etc.

BlinkFeed feature is yet another addition by HTC in to this device. This feature enabled within HTC One allows you to surf through news and other updates from social media in a Flipboard-type interface. Although, this feature cannot be thrown out permanently, the feature can be De-emphasized if you don't like.

Winner: Galaxy S4
htc one

Camera Features

Camera Features of Galaxy S4

Galaxy S4 shines in the field of the camera. This is the first time that Samsung is bringing a 13 MP sensor on the rear of the Galaxy series. On the front side, it has another impressive 2 MP camera capable of shooting at 1080p. Another specialty about the Galaxy S4 is the dual shot featuring capability of shooting simultaneously with both the cameras. This feature enables to shoot HD videos as well as capturing dual images. In the field of video calling the dual camera enables the dual video call feature.

Other impressive features of this 13 MP rear shooter include capturing images as well as the videos in HDR, smile detection, face detection and much more. There is also a feature that enables you to record videos in either fast or slow motion. This makes the device perfect for capturing memorable events.

Camera Features of HTC One

HTC One has a 4 megapixel autofocus rear camera along with an LED flash. The camera is large enough to record videos at full HD (1080p) along with HDR feature. The front facing camera features a 2.1 MP sensor which is also capable of recording 1080p full HD videos.

The rear camera of HTC One is being bundled with a number of features such as filters, settings, shooting modes, auto-editing etc. HTC claims that their 4 MP rear shooter is capable of producing high pixels along with much light sensitivity. But, the camera is equipped at the back of HTC One is not that sharper in resolution compared to that of even an 8 MP sensor. Then what about when we compare it with 13 MP sensor on Galaxy S4? Even when comparing the camera performance, Galaxy S4 turns out much better in providing rich images than that of HTC One.

Winner: Galaxy S4


Storage of Galaxy S4

As we all know, Galaxy S4 hit the markets in three variants; 16/32/64GB. This gives the consumers to find the appropriate device that suits their usability. Unlike many other popular manufacturers, Samsung does not give a chance to frustrate consumers with limited storage capacity. As a result, Samsung always adds a MicroSD card slot in all of its products that help the users to even expand the storage. Here, in Galaxy S4 also Samsung had offered a MicroSD card slot that can take MicroSD cards up to 64GB. So, there is a large storage available for those who plan to store high-end videos, apps, games and other multimedia.

Storage of HTC One

HTC One comes in the market in two variants; 32/64GB. But one of the main drawbacks of this device is the limited storage that makes the consumers irritated. There is no MicroSD card slot provided in order to expand the storage. Thus, guys going for HTC One should be satisfied with what the on-board storage delivers, either 32GB or 64GB. Apart from sealing the storage expandability, the no room for MicroSD card may frustrate the users if they are the type of users who love to exchange their MicroSD cards from device to device.

Winner: Galaxy S4


Battery of Galaxy S4

The final field for research in this battle is the field of battery. Like its predecessors, Galaxy S4 also provides its battery beneath a beautiful removable back panel. Galaxy S4 features a Li-Ion 2600 mAh battery that promises to give up to 17 hours of talk time and also the standby time claims to be about 370 hours. This large and powerful battery is also capable of delivering Music Play up to 62 hours.

Battery of HTC One

On the other hand, HTC One features a 2300 mAh-powered Li-Po battery, which is being packed beneath a non-removable back panel. The battery of HTC One being slightly less compared to that of Galaxy S4 is also non switchable with a compatible battery pack. This gives limited access for the consumers towards the battery. After all, HTC One being equipped with a 2300 mAh battery can be powered with a video playback time around 9.5 hours. But Galaxy S4 provides much efficient battery life.

Winner: Galaxy S4

Wrap up

While summing it all together, we can see that after the draws in the fields of 'display' and 'OS', the Galaxy S4 is the one that is considered to be the winner in all the rest of the fields. But this does not mean that HTC One lies far behind. Many features are still out there that can worth the price for HTC One. The beautiful uni body design delivered to HTC One, unique interface, best camera features along with auto-editing features, loud stereo speakers equipped with the Beats Audio and finally the same price for 32GB variant of HTC One with that of the 16GB Galaxy S4.

There are always benefits if you are going for Galaxy S4 that comes with a giant OLED screen with rich and accurate colors. Galaxy S4 is better for those who are aiming for the best camera app and smoother interface. You can even carve out lots of mind blowing features added on to Galaxy S4.

Now, it is in your hand to decide which device to go after. Even though the starting price of both these devices is nearly in the same range, the features that they provide differ according to what you prefer. As they are being manufactured by two different manufacturers, there may be a few highs and lows, which can be compensated with what they offer uniquely.

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