Best open source tools for web developers

Open source applications are the best tools, especially when it comes to web development. Many of them have extraordinary features when compared to expensive applications like visual studio etc. If you could find all features in one application, its a jackpot. Read on to find the best opensource tools for web developing like Aptana Studio, komodo, drupal etc.

Aptana Studio

Aptana Studio logo
When you check for a free open source IDE for your web development, Aptana Studio is better for professionals in particular. It'll be best on Linux platform if you are a fan of open source. It is available for Mac OS, Windows 7 and all Linux platforms as well for 32-bit and 64-bit. The core features behind its popularity are:

1. Supports Ruby on Rails, PHP and Python, HTML 5, CSS 3 with information about the level of support for each element in major web browsers.

2. Syntax highlighting, auto complete of code and Git integration.

3. In-built deployment wizard to help publish your web applications.

4. An Integrated debugger, the component of an IDE, enables you to set breakpoints, inspect variables and control the execution.

5. Built-in terminal to access OS commands.

Open Komodo Edit

Komodo Edit logo
Komodo edit is a free open source code editor. If you aren't perfectly satisfied with code editor you are currently using, you can switch to this Komodo. It is a cut down version of the Komodo IDE and is a complete solution to web and cloud based projects. It uses the Mozilla code-based along with Scintilla. This makes it different from other free code editors like jedit and notepad++. It also has a Firefox type extension system for finding and installing add-ons. Its main features are:

1. Supports Python, PHP, Ruby, HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, SQL, Tcl and XML.

2. As usual it is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OSX.

3. Syntax highlighting, auto-completion and call tips.

4. Komodo Edit 7 has added support for Node.js, coffee script, LESS, SCSS, EJS and epMojo.

5. Website dedicated to komodo colour schemes called kolormodo.

Its inbuilt FTP client lets you access remotely hosted files without having to create a project or download an entire directory tree. If Firefox is your browser of choice, you would feel right at home with komodo.


Drupal tool logo
Drupal is a very powerful source CMS, just like word press and joomla. It lacks high-quality themes like those available for the other two CMSs, but it is unique in its own way and preferred for its good technical design and maintainability. If you are a beginner, it will be easy to handle Drupal, although installation may be a bit more troublesome than word press. Drupal takes configuration management quite far and allows the community to participate in a unique way.

1. Getting static pages on drupal site is easier than in word press and joomla.

2. Drupal module for social media integration is easier to work with than its counterparts for word press or joomla.

3. Ubercart, the e-commerce tool for Drupal, is excellent. You might have trouble working with e-commerce tools for word press or joomla(compatibility)

4. Drupal being old, has grown a lot and has large community base, so you'll not be alone.


Open source MySQL logo
MySQL is the most popular and powerful and popular database and hardly needs introduction. It is an open source and free. However, the enterprise version is not free, but compared to other enterprise solution, it is still the best choice for its price and support. The free version of MySQL servers are the foundation for the CMSs and various other softwares. You can administer the database using the command-line utility MySQL with dozens of commands for effective management. You can integrate it with PHP, Java and other programming languages to make an effective application. You can use MySQL workbench which is a GUI tool for integration of database design, administration and maintenance into a single IDE for the MySQL database system.

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