How to use local network to play online games?

You have option to play games with your friends and family on computer which is on Local Network or Home Network. These Games are known as Lan Games or Online Games. If you have computer in your room and another computer in your brother's or sister's room, then you can play Lan Games with your brother or sister. You just have to upgrade your local network and make a little change in internet setup.

How to know local network games and online games

There are two types of games. Single player PC games and multi-player PC games.

Single player PC games are able to run only on single computer. While multiplayer games are able to run across network. Now that network can be your local network or it can be an online network. You have to check package of the game and documents to know nature of the game.

If you see indication on Game package "LAN or Local Network" it means that particular game supports sharing between two computers to play. You can play that game on two sharing computers on home network. But each computer must have to run its own copy of that particular game.

If you see indication on Game package "Internet or Online Multiplayer" it means that particular game allows you to play online with other players who are playing the same game online. But you need high-speed internet connection like a broadband or dial up connection.

Game consoles

Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Wii are some of the game consoles which propose both internet based play option and local network based play options for games that that sustain them. Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Wii have their internet service for online games.
System link for local play and Xbox Live service for Internet based play are by Microsoft.

If your friend using same console owns the same copy of a game you can share live sessions with him. But you cannot share live sessions between console and a PC. You also cannot share live sessions if you and your friend playing the same game and using different consoles.

How to set up your network for online game

Home network irrespective of the fact whether it is wireless or wired, both are efficient for multi-player PC games. I prefer to use wired Ethernet connections for gaming on local networks as I get best performance on Ethernet. If you are playing high end games on local network I advise you to use wired Ethernet Connection for better performance rather than wireless local network. One more thing I like to mention that you also get good performance if you have fast processor on PC.

There is a built-in Ethernet support for connecting each other and to internet game console. Wireless game adapter which converts its Ethernet connector to a Wi-Fi link suitable for connecting to wireless home routers can also be used by with game Console. If you use fast internet connection while playing online games you will get nice experience on PC as well as Console.

Troubleshoot network games

You also must be prepared for the errors and troubles while setting up and also playing games. Never get frustrated as there is a solution for every trouble. Below I mention most common errors, which can take place while playing or setting up your game.

Cannot connect to other players locally

This is the most common error that occurs when we set up local network between two PCs. This error occurs because PC game makes use of various port numbers for establishing LAN connections. To sort this out, just change or momentarily immobilize network firewalls running on the computers to unlock these connections. You can also check for loose cables, router failure and other home network errors associated with home network and not with games.

Unable to sign in into the internet gaming service

Not all, but some online gaming websites or service providers need setting up an internet payment or subscription. Never do things fast because a simple mistake can take 1 hour to one day or new account to play that game. So please follow directions carefully while setting online account. Never hesitate to call for their technical support if you are not clear about anything.

Adjust router's configuration or replace to another model as some routers are not friendly with online game service. So keep cool and go ahead as sometime the problem which looks very hard can be solved with a few clicks.

Game crash reasons and solutions

While playing network games many times you have experienced that your screen get freezed and your computer or console stops reacting. This happens due to several reasons and there are also solutions available for this.

One possible and common reason of a game crashing is overheating of the PC or console to resolve it, move your PC or Console to a better aerated location. Driver can also create this problem. Make sure that graphics and audio device drivers of your system are up to date.

It is also possible that your game itself has some bugs or technical issue. Check for the updates on games website for some patches and also try some forum for the solution by Googling.

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