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WebWatcher is number one Smartphone and computer monitoring software in the world as per PCMag.com. It is the most powerful remote monitoring software used in PC, Mobile phones like Android, Blackberry and Laptops. Read this article to know various features to save your personal and business information with the help of using WebWatcher computer monitoring software.

Why Monitoring Software?

Monitoring software defend computers from various malicious online applications and programs. It not only protects the system, but also produces reports on such activities performed by it. With the help of this a user can avoid using such websites and applications in future.
With the help of monitoring software your family and children will be safe from watching violent movies & games, adult & viral videos, accessing gambling sites etc. as such sites do different cyber bullying activities. To control and protect your PC, WebWatcher is the top rated monitoring software product.

What is WebWatcher?

WebWatcher is one of the best Smartphone and Computer monitoring software products used by most of the people in the world. This software monitors the visited websites, online searches, username and passwords, installed and used applications, logged pages, chat and IM, all kind of mails (sent, received, uploaded and downloaded) and documents.
It has many blocking and controlling features. Some of them are password protection, hotkey accessing, remote accessing, blocking websites, blocking keywords, blocking applications in computer and smartphones. It produces reports as per the username, website name, email ids, keywords, searchable items, etc. and also stores the report for a week long time. To store report for more than a week, the user need to buy or upgrade the product with some additional payment.

WebWatcher mobile plus for Android and Blackberry

It records all positions of sent and received text messages, even after being deleted. Mobile plus tracks the Geo-location of the user, phone logs such as call duration, missed, dialed and received calls, phone numbers etc. It also records photos and videos which are received, sent and seen by the user and stores completely in the browsing history.

How it works?
To download the application in Blackberry or Android Smartphones visit its site and install it without any effort. After installation, the application starts tracking and recording the activities done by the user. The administrator can see the report anywhere in the world just by logging in to the account. Presently the feature is not available in iPad and Blackberry Playbook like tablets. The benefit of this product is, the user will never recognize the presence of such application inside the phone. To uninstall the application from the mobile, the administrator has to consult the team from his online account.

WebWatcher Remote Laptop Recovery Software

WebWatcher's Laptop Cop for PC is a wonderful application which not offers GPS tracking of the laptop but also protects and recovers information and data from the laptop.

How it works?
Laptop Cop works only with Windows operating system such as XP, Vista, and Windows 7. After purchasing the product online, the user will receive an email. As per the instructions graphed in the mail, the user can install the software in the laptop. If the laptop was stolen by somebody, the user can log on to his/her account from any computer and retrieve/download all important data present in that laptop. In addition, the user can delete the unimportant data from the laptop via online. The process is so easy and unique that the laptop thieves can not recognize how the data has been omitted from the laptop. Then the user can contact the WebWatcher's recovery team immediately, who will guide and inform about the exact location of the laptop within 1-9 days.

WebWatcher for Business

The product WebWatcher for business purpose is called InterGuard; which can be used in corporate sectors to monitor on employees activities, to protect data, secure their server from various online hackers.
Employee monitoring feature:InterGuard's employee monitoring feature is called 'sonar' which is used to record each and every activity of an employee. It helps monitoring the performance status of an employee also. It records all computer activities such as Outlook mails, webmail, chatting activities, keystrokes, searches, applications of an employee.
Web filtering feature: InterGuard filters the websites that was set by specific keywords; and keep watching and recording the websites visited by employees.
Data locking feature: The company administrator can lock the important data with the help of InterGuard application. It protects leakage of data through external emails and also copying through removal disks and data storage devices like pen drives, CDs, & DVDs.
Laptop recovery feature: InterGuard also prevents and recovers the company's data from steal laptops. It find out the Geo-location of the laptop very accurately by which the company can recover the data and information very easily. They can also delete the non-required data from the laptop and lock it through its online control panel.
The user has to logon www.sonarcentral.com to access their InterGuard account.

System Requirements for Computers

WebWatcher runs in MAC, Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 or 8 loaded systems with 733 MHZ or more than it. It requires at least 126 MB RAM; however it prefers 256 RAM for better processing.
How it works?
It is very simple to download and install. There is no need of any technical knowledge, after purchasing the software you'll receive an email. Just follow the steps mentioned there and it will take maximum 5-7 minutes to install.

Monitoring Features:
  • WebWatcher is highly appreciated by its users due to various monitoring features. Some of its features are not found in any other brand.

  • It can watch each and every practice of a user, step-by-step functioning, date & time of all activities along with total time of accessing etc. and records complete history of visited sites.

  • It takes screenshot of viewed images on internet and also record and give a video file. The user can watch the video and able to know the complete process of operating such as emailing, chatting, browsing etc.

  • The administrator can block specific websites which they don't want to disclose in front of their parents and children. Once they've blocked the sites, the application will review and update the blocked sites automatically until it was unblocked.

  • WebWatcher watches each and every keyword that was typed in the computer and internet browser for searching and finally notifies the administrator about it.

  • It monitors the username and password of certain websites / emails and accounts.

  • The administrator is also able to know if any application was installed and/used without his/her permission through this software.

  • There are two options to run this application: without knowing the user and by knowing the user, i.e. the operation can be stealthy and non-stealthy.

  • It also tracks the movement of documents such as deletion, copying, moving, altering etc.

Blocking and Controlling Features:
  • Through password protection system and/or Hot Key access system, it locks /unlocks applications, files, folders and specific websites.

  • It blocks sites such as pornographic, viral sites, gambling etc. which are not available in other reputed products like SpyAgent and Spector Pro.

  • The administrator has the right to control the application without his presence nearby his/her PC. S/He can operate it through online by staying anywhere in the world.

  • The administrator can also block and control using internet on his/her computer for a specific time period with the help of this product. This feature is best for the cyber café operators to run their cabins by setting timing for their users.

  • The application can be used and controlled by the administrator via mobile internet.

Reporting Features:
It has marvelous reporting feature that provides instant messages to the administrator. Some of its reporting features are:
  • While logging into the PC, the administrator will be intimated with a report created by the software about the system used by any second person.

  • To access the reports, the administrator must logged on to the official website.

  • The administration can see the complete scenario in a video-playback style on any video playing software.

Help and Supporting Features:

The customer care service is very easy and best in its class. One can contact them any time by phone, email, and live chat 24/7. They can also read its various frequently asked questions that could elucidate their doubts.

WebWatcher also offers the products on trial basis. One can download the software and install on their system very easily. After completion of the trial period they can purchase it online. To upgrade the product they can ask the team by paying some extra payments.

WebWatcher and InterGuard are products of Awareness Technologies International. Its corporate headquarter is at 88 Post Rd. West, First Floor, Westport, CT 06880 and at 11th Floor, Regent House, Heaton Lane, SK4 1BS, United Kingdom, PHONE: +44(0)845 5199542. Customer may call on this toll-free number 1–888–682–9501. Global customer may reach by calling to 1–310–881–3050 or visiting the site www.webwatcher.com for more details.

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