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Have you given a thought if you could catch any infection through your smartphone? If you are wondering how, then just think, what we do to keep that gadget clean, which we use it every now an then, hold it close to our face, our ears and our mouth. But don't worry, now a solution has come up to sanitize your phone while charging it. Read on for more detailed information.

Product Name: PhoneSoap Charger Black - Phone UV Sanitizer & Universal Charger
Category: Power Adapters & Travel Chargers
Price: Rs 11873

Do We Really Need a PhoneSoap Charger?
Today every moment and the next we are in touch with our smartphone which we hold so close to ourselves that it cannot be placed anywhere far from ourselves. We are holding the phone every now and then close to our ears, our face and our mouth. Sometimes we even share our phone with our friends and families where in even they use the gadget the same way as we do. But till now we haven't given it a serious thought whether the gadget can carry and transmit any germs in the process.

But if we think carefully, the probability can hardly be ignored. When we travel in public transport, catch so many things and then hold our phone, we do not give it a thought that it could pose a threat to our hygiene.
While we wash our hands, we cannot have any other cleaner for our smartphone except for some dry cloth to keep it shining. But that isn't enough to kill the germs that it carries. Precisely, 1 among 6 phones would have fecal mater on them. So the germs and microorganisms are very likely to form and grow with our telephones as they are always warm and are kept at any smooth surface which might not be necessarily clean. So here's the concept of phonesoap that came up with a wonderful solution of sanitizing the gadget while being kept for charging it as well.

How Does it Work?
PhoneSoap Charger is glad to be the first and final PDA charger that sterilizes and sanitizes your telephone while it charges. Presently you can increase your day by day accuse of a purifying procedure. With PhoneSoap Charger, a charged telephone is a cleaned telephone. PhoneSoap Charger's internal measurements are (in inches) 6 L x 3.74 W x .78 H and can fit even the larges telephones up to a Samsung Note 3. Inside you will discover two UVC lights and intelligent paint to wrap the light totally around your gadget. When you close the top to PhoneSoap Charger, the UV lights begin consequently and keep running for just shy of 5 minutes. A blue marker on the front implies when the lights are on and cleaning. At the point when the cleaning procedure is done, the UV lights and the blue LED close of consequently. You can expel your telephone or keep it inside while you charge. To charge your telephone, expel the compartment to discover a USB port.

PhoneSoap Charger ships with a miniaturized scale USB string, yet you can unplug this string and module your Apple string (or whatever other line) to charge your gadget. At the point when your gadget is connected to, a green pointer on the front implies your gadget is being charged.

The Benefits of its Use
You purify your telephone inside with or without your case on. While you are utilizing a case, it is always recommendable to place your telephone and the case inside regularly and occasionally evacuating the case for another sterilizing session.

Dimensions (cm)17.8 x 12.7 x 3.8 cm
Weight (gms)680 g
Surge ProtectorNo
Cable IncludedYes
USB OutputYes

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