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Product Name: my1login password manager
Category: Password Managers

The very user-friendly my1login is a cloud-based password manager that stores your usernames & passwords. It allows users to access their emails, messages and social networking information from a single account. It can be used for personal use or for professional work groups where information needs to be regularly shared. The best thing is that it's all free. If you want your portal site to be free from advertisements and affiliate links, you can buy the premium version for a monthly fee of $2.5. my1login works on all operating systems. Make sure that the web browser you use supports Javascript. The Bookmarklet feature of my1login contains Javascript code. So, if your browser doesn't support the language, you will not be able to add bookmarks. All popular web browsers support Javascript.

Free VersionYes
Cloud Based StorageYes
Local PC StorageYes
Android AppYes
iOS AppYes
Windows Phone AppYes
Password GeneratorYes
Password HintsYes
Data BackupYes

Additional features

Fast set up
No software is downloaded. The cloud based password manager can be set up in seconds.

Unique authentication
User has to enter three randomly selected positions from the password to discourage keyloggers and keystroke logging malware.

Onscreen keyboard alternative
There is an onscreen keyboard alternative for entering the password and the custom phrase that protects it.

Password security reports
To help create strong passwords, the strength of a password is reported to the user each time it is edited or a new bookmark is added.

One click sign-in
From a single account, users can sign in to multiple sites with just one click.

Online bookmark sharing
Select a bookmark, type the recipient's email id in the dialog box and turn on the read & write access option to share the bookmark online with another my1login account holder.

Secure sharing of password access
Admins can securely share specific logins and if permitted, even employees can do the same.

Centralized password management
All passwords are managed centrally. If a business account is in use, the company can allow or restrict the access any time.

Military encryption
Communication between clients and the website is protected by Security Sockets Layer (SSL), AES 256 bit and RSA encryptions which prevent even my1login to view users' logins.

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