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Product Name: PopURL 1.0 for Windows XP
Category: CD & DVD Burner

PopURL 1.0 for Windows XP is a freeware product. It is use to find an information about a web server/URL with one click. It shows an information from an HTTP URL, like the remote server's software and the particulars of the file to be fetched. It can useful in a diagnostic or security context.

Supported OS
Minimum System Requirements
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Additional features

PopURL 1.0 for Windows XP Features:-

1) It contains the site name where you can go to the particular website by clicking the 'S' button on this application.

2) It shows the Web Server Software information like Microsoft IIS or Apache. You can get this information by click the 'W' button on this software.

3) It also shows the file size which you are downloading from the particular website.

4) you no need to open any particular website to download any software. You can go to that website with the help of this software.

5) It is so easy to use. It is easy to install also.

6) It takes less hard disk space and less memory allocation in CPU.

You can get it free from the below website. It is free to download.

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