Exam Subject Details - Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Database Development

Exam 70-433 TS: Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Database Development is a MCTS exam from Microsoft certification aimed to test ones skill in the field of MS SQL 2008 server database development. Exam 70-433 is intended for professionals with previous experience with MS SQL server database. Passing Exam 70-433: TS: Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Database Development, will lead you to the certification "Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS): SQL Server 2008, Database Development".

Exam 70-433 TS: Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Database Development is a professional examination intended for IT professionals with minimum 2 year experience in working with MS SQL server 2008 or two to three year experience with previous versions of MS SQL server.

Skils Measured
  • Implementing Tables and Views
  • Implementing Programming Objects
  • Working with Query Fundamentals
  • Applying Additional Query Techniques
  • Working with Additional SQL Server Components
  • Working with XML Data
  • Gathering Performance Information

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    Applying Additional Query Techniques
    Applying Additional Query Techniques weighs 15% of exam 70-433. It covers concepts like, Implement subqueries, Implement CTE (common table expression) queries, Apply ranking functions, Control execution plans, Manage international considerations.
    Gathering Performance Information
    Gathering Performance Information weighs 11% of Exam 70-433 TS: Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Database Developement. It covers concepts like, Capture execution plans, Gather trace information by using the SQL Server Profiler, Collect output from the Database Engine Tuning Advisor, Collect information from system metadata.
    Implementing Programming Objects
    Implementing Programming Objects weighs 16% of the exam. This category includes topics likes, Create and alter stored procedures, Create and alter user-defined functions (UDFs), Create and alter DML triggers, Create and alter DDL triggers, Create and deploy CLR-based objects, Implement error handling, Manage transactions.
    Implementing Tables and Views
    Implementing Tables and Views weighs 14% of the Exam 70-433 and includes topics like creating and altering tables, Create and alter views.Create and alter views, Create and alter indexes, Create and modify constraints, Implement data types, Implement partitioning solutions.
    Working with Additional SQL Server Components
    Working with Additional SQL Server Components weighs 11% of Exam 70-433. It covers topics like, Integrate Database Mail.
    Implement full-text search, Implement scripts by using Windows PowerShell and SQL Server Management Objects (SMOs), Implement Service Broker solutions, Track data changes.
    Working with Query Fundamentals
    Working with Query Fundamentals includes the following topics and weighs 21% of the exam.
    Query data by using SELECT statements, Modify data by using INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements, Return data by using the OUTPUT clause, Modify data by using MERGE statements, Implement aggregate queries, Apply built-in scalar functions.
    Working with XML Data
    Working with XML Data weighs 12% of Exam 70-433 and covers topics like, Retrieve relational data as XML, Transform XML data into relational data, Query XML data, Manage XML data.

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