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Exam 77-882: Excel 2010 is intended to check a persons proficiency level in using Microsoft Excel 2010. When you pass Exam 77-882: Excel 2010, you complete the requirement for Microsoft Office Specialist: Microsoft Excel 2010. This exam validated your skills needed to be proficient in Excel 2010.

Exam 77-882 is a Microsoft Office Specialist(MOS) exam. The candidate of Exam 77-882:Excel 2010 should be able to navigate Microsoft Office Excel 2010 software at the feature and functionality level and should be familiar Office Excel 2010 and must know how to use at least 80% of the features and capabilities of Microsoft Office Word 2010. The candidate must able to create professional looking Spreadsheets documents. Exam 77-882 has the same criteria as in Exam 77-881: Word 2010.

The Exam 77-882 is ideal for students, office professionals, data entry operators, clerical staffs, Writers, Instructors, Sales, project managers, etc. The candidate needs to know how to use Microsoft Excel 2010 for following purposes,
  • Charting
  • Create analytical, financial, etc. reports
  • Data entry
  • Family budget
  • Format numerical (financial, statistical, etc.) reports
  • Forms
  • Graphing
  • Process data
  • Reporting
  • Technical support
  • Trending

  • For detailed information on Exam 77-882 please visit http://www.microsoft.com/learning/en/us/Exam.aspx?ID=77-882&Locale=en-us

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    Analyzing and Organizing Data
    This category in Exam 77-882 checks the candidates ability to analyse data. The candidate must know how to filter date, sort data and apply conditional formatting.
    Applying Formulas and Functions
    This sections checks the candidates ability to use formulas and functions. This topic check the following skills, creating formulas, Enforcing precedence, Applying cell references in formulas, Applying conditional logic in a formula, Applying named ranges in formulas, Applying cell ranges in formulas.
    Creating Cell Data
    Construct cell data.
    This objective may include but is not limited to: using paste special (formats, formulas, values, preview icons, transpose rows and columns, operations, comments, validation, paste as a link), and cutting, moving, and select cell data
    This aspect of Exam 77-882 checks your ability to work with cells in a worksheet. You have to get familiar with the following,
    Applying AutoFill, Applying and manipulating hyperlinks, removing a hyperlink, etc.
    Formatting Cells and Worksheets
    This topic check your ability to work with Excel 2010 environment. You have to get familiar with creating and modifying cells, hiding and unhiding, manipulating page sateup, applying cells, merging and splitting cells, creating row and column titles, etc.
    Managing the Worksheet Environment
    This topics check a candidates proficiency in using the Excel 2010 environment. You must be able to navigate, print and personalize the worksheet environment. It check the following skills,
    Navigating through a worksheet, using hot keys, Printing a worksheet or workbook, applying printing options, Personalizing environment by using Backstage, Manipulating the Quick Access Toolbar, ribbon tabs and groups, default settings, importing data to and from Excel,how to manipulate workbook properties, manipulating workbook files and folders, applying different name and file formats for different uses by using save and save as features, etc.
    Managing Worksheets and Workbooks
    To clear this section you have to get familiar with creating and formatting worksheets and workbooks, manipulating windows and workbook views, creating custom views, etc.
    Presenting Data Visually
    This topic checks your ability to present data visually using Excel 2010. You have to get familiar with chats, illustrations, Creating and modifying images by using the Image Editor and, Applying Sparklines.
    Sharing worksheet data with other users
    This category checks your skills to share the worksheet with others. You have to et familiar with Sharing spreadsheets by using Backstage, sending a worksheet via E-mail or Skydrive, changing the file type to a different version of Excel, and saving as PDF or XPS and, Managing comments.

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