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Advertise with us and reach out to the premium technology community was launched on 16 June 2010. Within a short period since our launch, has become one of the most trusted technology news and gadget/app/game review website in the world. If you are looking for promoting your hardware/software products or IT enabled services, can help you reach the right audience at affordable rates.

Advantages of advertising with Techulator

When you advertise with Techulator, you are reaching out to the consumers, technology experts, decision makers and influencers, starting from CEOs to System Administrators, Programmers, and Purchasing Managers, who influence purchasing decisions on the technology and computing field.

Traffic and Visitor profile

See our Alexa rank here:, which indicates we are one of the leading technology portals in the world.

Here is our visitor profile, as of August 2015:

(Source: Google Analytics)

Visitors per month: 464,357
Page views per month: 760,701

Visitors by Country:

India: 56%
USA: 17%
UK: 3.5%
Canada: 1.5%
Philippines, Australia, Netherlands, Pakistan, Germany: 1% each

Visitors' Technology Profile

73% of our mobile visitors use Android OS and 11% use iOS devices. Windows phone has a share of nearly 4%.

On PC/laptop/tablet devices, 52% of our visitors are Windows users, 3.6% use Linux and 2% use Mac.

Regarding browsers, 49% use Google Chrome, 11.5% use FireFox and 7% of the users are on Internet Explorer.

Advertising and Rates

Promotional Articles:

We can review your services/products and write promotional articles. Our experts will review your product and publish it after showing you the drafts and getting your approval. At the bottom of the article, we will mention that is a sponsored article so that our readers will be able to distinguish advertising from neutral reviews.

Rate for writing promotional article is US$150 per article. Each article can be anywhere between 700 to 1500 words. If you prefer, you are welcome to provide us with the article, written by your content developers, in which case you will get a discount of US$75. Or, you may provide us with the raw information and our content writers can convert them into an SEO optimised article.

Please contact us for a sponsored review.

** NOTE: Rates may be higher for certain types of reviews that required sophisticated setup to perform a full review.

Unbiased Reviews:

Neutral reviews are done by our in-house experts and they won't involve any promotional elements. Such reviews are usually done at no cost to the company. However, we have our own internal priorities to decide which product to review. Factors like traffic potential, efforts involved in setting up the review platform, our current workload etc play a key role in deciding the products to review. If you are looking for a neutral review, you can submit a review request and we will add it to our list. Contact us for Free Neutral Review. If your request is accepted for a free neutral review, it may take up to 3 months to address.

Priority Review:

We can prioritize and do an unbiased review of your product/service quicker than our normal time frame for a priority handling fee of US$100. Please contact us for a Priority Neutral Review.

Submit your Guest Articles on Technology topics:

We do accept high-quality guest articles related technology, gadgets, apps, software and devices. Only high quality articles with in-depth information will be accepted. We do not accept low quality, generic articles written for the purpose of massive link building. If you have an excellent quality guest article with atleast 1,000 words, send us and we will take a look at it. We do accept paid guest posts as well. Our rate for publishing paid guest articles is US$100. Links to relevant and quality websites will be allowed from paid guest articles. Excessive keyword based backlinks are not allowed. Please contact us for a Guest article enquiry.


If you like to offer some devices or gadgets as Giveaways, we will be happy to host it in Techulator for free.

If you are offering software licenses as Giveaways, we have found they don't have a lot of takers since almost every kind of software product is now available as freeware. We can host a software giveaway for a fee of US$50.

Ad Networks:

We use Google AdSense for revenue and do not encourage other Ad networks. If you represent an ad network, kindly do not contact us offering better revenue than AdSense or additional revenue by using the available space. We are currently very happy with our current ad networks and will not be able to try out another ad network even or a short period (we have done that a lot in last few years).

Direct Ads:

Due to the time and efforts involved in discussion, negotiation, implementation and payment of direct advertisers, we usually do not accept direct ads. However, if you have an offer that is hard to reject, please get in touch with us.

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If you are looking for opportunities to advertise your products, please contact us with a detailed proposal. We recommend you email us the proposal first and once you get an acknowledgement from us, we can continue the discussions on phone (+91 9495 559690).