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To became an expert in Microsoft Technologies.
Master of Computer Application (APRIL 2007) Bharathidasan University with 80%
Bachelor of Computer Application (APRIL 2004) Bharathidasan University with 75.5%
HSC Board of Higher Secondary Examination with 66.3%
SSLC Board of Higher Secondary Examination with 62.3%

Programmer Hindustan Software Limited 2007 - 2009
Programmer Analyst Cognizant Technology Solutions 2009 till date

Ø Programming Languages : C#, VB.NET
Ø Operating System : Windows Xp
Ø Database : Sql Server 2000, My SQL
Ø Design Tools : Adobe Flex

Extra Curricular Activities
Ø Won Attendance award in PRIST university for the academic year 2003
Ø Mentor and Editor of the leading technology community dotnetspider.com
Ø Winner of the Mono acting organized by the Rotaract Club of Big Temple City for the year 1995,2000

1. CE
Detailed Description:
The system will provide the following features
The system will put the particular process in to the queue for data analyst. The system will check whether the process already taken care or under process by any of the data analyst. If the process already exists, then it will not allow the user to proceed with it.
The system will keep track of date and time on which a particular process has been processed. The system will calculate the time taken by the data analyst for a particular process.
Generate control xml and product xml based on the details entered by the data analyst, and push the final xml file into a desired location.
The user can enter the details for the control xml. The system will generate xml file with data necessary for the product. The system will get the following information, like document title, copyright and etc., and stored in the control information like xml file.
The system can get the PDF Meta data information, by reading the input pdf file allocated for the particular process. But if the data analyst wants to edit the information he can go-ahead and edit the information.
The system will generate product xml based on the data entered by the data analyst and push it in to the ready to upload folder. It collects the model information, page number where the product is specified, and if there any devices attached with their product.
Duration: 3 Months
Technology: ASP.NET, C#, SQL SERVER 2005
Role: Screen designing and coding

2. East Point
It’s an automation process used by the end user to enter the details about the patients. This project will generate a log file and observation for the patient’s record entered by the end user and also it checks for the patient’s availability in the database.
Duration: 3 Months
Technology: VB.NET, MsAccess
Role: Coding, Deployment

3. Voice File Download
It’s the part of the ERP application for the organization, which is used to download the voice files and allocates the files for vendor as well as distributor. Before the files are getting downloaded, it will check for the old dated files. The files will be automatically downloaded from the FTP. Files getting downloaded will go for the conversion process.
Downloaded files will be in encrypted format and it will be decrypted and unzipped. The unzipped files will go for the conversion process; in the conversion process files of different formats (dct, dss, and dbf) will be converted to wave file format. Converted files will be allocated to home team and Vendors. Transcribed files will line count will calculated. Report will be generated based on the client requirements. Tools under VFC
Auto upload, Encryption, Unzip
Duration: 6 Months
Role: Coding, Integration
4. Rapid Invoice
Rapid Invoice is used to generate pay slip for the employees of the company. A separate login is provided for each employee. Employees have to login with their employee id and password. Pay slip for the employee will be listed for the available months. Employees can download the pay slip. Employees can also update their personal details on the Master screen.
Ø User Master
Ø Pay slip
Technologies Used:
Designing: Adobe Flex
Programming Language: VB.NET
Database: SQL Server 2005
Duration: 2 Months
Role: Coding, Unit Testing

Billing is designed to use with the Billing Department, which is the part of the medical Transcription Domain. The users in the billing department will use the software to keep track of the patient’s details, Insurance details, and Doctor details.
Separate login will be provided for the users in the billing department. Each user will be mapped with certain doctors. The role of the user is the user has to process the patients for particular doctor and to credit the fee for the doctor through medical software.
For processing the details of the patient the user will use this software to keep track of the details regarding insurance, claims for a patient.
Detailed Description:
The users will be under the following designation
1) Production Entry
2) Denial Analyst
3) Quality Analyst
4) Allocation
The user having the role of allocation will allocate the batches for the entry persons. The batch will denote the PDF files or TIF files. Each file will contain the details regarding the patient. After allocation process the batches will be pushed to the appropriate users. The role of the entry user is to view the pdf file and key the details regarding the patient in the billing software.
Quality analyst will review the records completed by the users. If any error found during the QA section. The user will get deduction in the incentive. Once the batch has been processed. The billed amount will be credited to the doctor.
1) Master
a. User master
b. Provider master
c. Location master
d. Payor master
e. Designation master
f. Client mapping
g. Provider mapping
2) Transaction
a. Batch Log
b. Production Log
c. QA Log

3) Report
a. Batch Report
b. Production Report
Technologies Used
Design Tool: Adobe Flex
Programming: VB.NET
Database: SQL Server 2005
Duration: 6 months
Roles: Coding, Unit Testing, Deployment

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