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Are you a new comer on TEC and don't know exactly what to do? Here I am, with the beginners' guide. This article/ guide will help you to start your mistake free journey on Read what, when, how and why now.

Techulator is a website based on technological castings, suitable for both learning and earning. 2013 marks its 1st anniversary and by such short span of time, Techulator happened to cross 38K (38,000) visitors per day, approximately. And, according to the intention of Tony John (The founder of, the portal will touch 100K visitors per day by June 2014. It will not be any objection to say that Techulator is a fast growing technology portal which only doesn't let learn about latest gasps in the field of technology, but also provides an opportunity for becoming visible before millions of online readers. One can also earn a part time benefit from this website by providing quality resources towards it as a contributor. To become a member/ contributor, register! If you face any difficulty, see what I have brought for you below:

How to register?

First of all, you need to navigate Have a look on the top right corner of the screen. You will be seeing two options there, LOGIN and REGISTER. If you are already a member of the website, choose LOGIN and for new comers, REGISTER is a straight way. After clicking on REGISTER option, you will be instructed to provide your name, username, email and password. Have a simple username but typical password. Email will help you in validating your account. Note that if you are inspired /motivated by any member of TEC (nick name for Techulator) to join the website, you can also choose him as your referrer. To do so, simply put before joining the website, add his/ her TEC user ID in the "Referrer" box and click on 2nd "Register" button (located just below the Referral box). For this, second button is recommended as if you hit the first one, you will be registered directly to the site which means you excluded your referrer from any referral benefit.

Free to join- Give and take

After you have successfully done a 1 minute task of registering to, you have many choices to start your contribution to earn. I personally suggest you to introduce yourself to the member of Techulator. You can start with Forums section. You will surely get positive feedbacks and many members will share their experience with the website with you and you will learn a lot from your first post. Also, Forums section is used to start discussions, provide unique information regarding technology, head up your views about the website and much more. Though, there is a low benefit of this section while we take earning into our consideration but many times it provides golden opportunities like contest announcements, GD (group discussion) competitions and so on.

Secondly, you can start your contribution in Ask Experts section. This section is very unique and can make you earn dozens of times that of Forums section. It is a talk of some few months back when the Webmaster Tony John introduced this section. If you want answer for the technology questions in your mind, this section allows you to pose it before the public. If you know the answer of any of the questions posed by other members in that section, you can freely state that in the form of response to that question. For both the things (questioning and answering), you will get paid.

To earn maximum, you can use the Technology Articles section. This section allows you to post your thoughts and knowledge regarding technological commodities in the form of articles. If you have any information about latest, trending, jaw dropping, interesting or successive products/ gadgets which have/ will arrive in the world giving a boost to the field of technology, you can write quality article on them and earn cash credits and points [read about what, why and how about points below]. You can also write articles on games, hardware, software, browsers, OS (operating systems) and much more. The recommended length of any article is 500-1500 words. There is a risk of getting one's article rejected if below 500 words.

All the above mentioned sections are user accessible but going forward, Product Reviews section is temporarily restricted for every member excluding permitted ones. This section is also a way to earn. One is supposed to write descriptive reviews of various tech products including smartphones, tablets, phablets, accessories, gadgets and much more. In order to gain access to that incredible section, one has to impress the webmasters by contributing much towards TEC. If not, better to keep contributing in other 3 sections.

You may be confused with why I have not mentioned other sections like Windows 8, Android phones and Operating Systems. It is because of the reason that these sections are actually the categories of Technology Articles section. So, make a clear sense from today and start contributing towards

What do points refer in TEC?

Never feel sad if you gain less cash than points and surely never, if you don't know the usage of points. Points on Techulator are basically the rankers of each member. If you have gained high and low points from the date you joined, you will be ranked accordingly. Not only this, points let you cross various membership levels on the website. You begin with Bronze level but when you earn 101 points, you change to Silver. Likely;

101 – 500: Silver membership level
501 – 5000: Gold membership level
5001 – 25000: Diamond membership level
+25001: Platinum membership level [some more requirements needed].

The points also allow you to participate in the ongoing trends on TEC i.e. reward programs. Those include Member of the week (MOW), Member of the month (MOM), Super Experts award (for those who contribute most in Ask Experts section), monthly revenue share bonus and much more. There is no need to elaborate these awards as Tony John has given a detailed report regarding The Ongoing Reward Programs on

What else!

This isn't the end of describing this online trend. Techulator offers a live social hub where you can get stuck up with every activity of members. Also, it provides an opportunity of becoming an Editor. Being an editor of any online website is a pride and being such on TEC is a dream that comes true to every member who contributes towards this website with more of heart than just to earn. It is not an easy task to become an editor if, then also it is the toughest to handle. One must have mastery over writing skill (grammar, pronunciation and so). Alike of earning, a member can use TEC to boost his/ her vocabulary regarding technology and its field (mainly Android, laptops, smartphones, java and SEO). This makes the way clear for what I have written at the beginning that TEC lets you learn as well as earn.

2 common mistakes done by newbies

1. The first and the foremost mistake which most among the new comers do is copyright violation. It is mentioned everywhere that TEC is a secretly moderated website and copy/ paste is totally forbidden. Every member must write every post with his own wording and intention or may have to face restriction on his/ her account. Do avoid copy/ pasting from any website, even from your own blog. Also, don't find it so simple that you would change "a" to "the" and submit.

2. I often have come across seeing that many newbies use chat words like "plz", "bcoz", "thnx" etc in their forum messages and responses. Not only this, some also use chat symbols like ":)", ":))", ";)". TEC doesn't allow you to do so.

At last

Yet, this isn't all but is perfect for beginners. I would like to conclude by saying that one can use this website in order to achieve skill of writing, maximum morale and outstanding benefits. Do start your journey if you are a technology enthusiast. Best of luck beginners!

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Author: Korra18 Jan 2015 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

You have written a great resource for newbies in techulator.

Author: Timmappa Kamat24 Jan 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

It is really a motivating resource. These tips will go a long way in familiarising the newbies about the great and correct ways of contributing on TEC. Kudos for your efforts.

Author: Suresh24 Jan 2015 Member Level: Silver   Points : 0

A newbie can learn a lot of interesting stuffs after reading your article. Keep your good work. Congrats.

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