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This is Adsense help forum for users to discuss the problems about their Adsense. If you have any questions related to Adsense feel free to ask in this Google Adsense discussion forum.
Did you get your AdSense application rejected? Please post your concerns. We will review your site manually and try to give you some suggestions to help you get your Google AdSense application approved.

Did Google reject your AdSense application and you are confused on the reason specified by Google? Let us know what happened and we will try to review your site and explain how to deal with the rejected AdSense applications.

Remember to post the URL of your blog or website and also additional details like which year you started it, when did you first apply for AdSense etc.

You can make money from this site by posting original and quality articles that comply with Google AdSense policies.. Also, we offer several other reward programs including monthly profit sharing, cash rewards per post, contests & prizes etc to contributing members.

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