Why Windows 10 is mostly people like and not the windows 11?

There could be several reasons why some people prefer Windows 10 over Windows 11:

Compatibility: Windows 10 has been around for several years and is compatible with a wider range of hardware and software than Windows 11, which was only recently released. Some people may not want to upgrade to Windows 11 because their current hardware or software may not be compatible with it.

User interface changes: Windows 11 has introduced several changes to the user interface, including a redesigned Start menu and new taskbar icons, which may take some getting used to for users who are accustomed to the Windows 10 interface.

System requirements: Windows 11 has higher system requirements than Windows 10, which means that some older computers may not be able to run it smoothly. This could be a barrier for some users who are not ready or willing to upgrade their hardware.

Stability: As a newer operating system, Windows 11 may still have some bugs or stability issues that need to be ironed out. In contrast, Windows 10 has been around for several years and is generally considered to be a stable and reliable operating system.

Ultimately, the choice between Windows 10 and Windows 11 comes down to personal preference and individual needs. Some users may prefer the new features and design of Windows 11, while others may prefer the familiarity and stability of Windows 10.