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    Can you imagine computer world without mouse?

    We all know, mouse is the very important device, because this device only we are feeling very easy to interact with computers. What would happen if mouse not invented? Post your view on this.
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    Hi shreedhra,

    It is very difficult to think about using computer without mouse. Though we have keyboard shortcuts also to operate computer but it is not better than the mouse, a very effective input device.

    If we don't use mouse as input device in todays GUI based Operating system and use only the keyboard shortcuts for inputting data, it will like GUI display and command line inputs.

    I can't think about using computer without mouse.


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    Hello Shreedhara,

    I partially agree with your opinion.

    As per my experience I would say that I can use my desktop which is hosting windows XP operating system without a mouse.

    Few years earlier my computer had a problem with my general mouse pin. The pin got damaged and it did not use to recognize any of the mouse attached to it. The same mouse used to work on other systems.

    Being lazy to call a hardware professional I got to know of the option where keyboard can be replaced by mouse.

    Using the numeric key pad on your keyboard you can navigate the mouse pointer as you would with a mouse. Though it took some time for me to get used to it it proved to be useful as within days I got used to working on the computer just with the help of keyboard numeric key pad navigator and some general key board shortcuts.


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    It is very difficult to imagine a computer without a mouse. But in olden days, there was no mouse for desktop computers. I really wonder how they were using their computers without a mouse. Mouse is very important pointing device in a computer.


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    It is very hard to imagine using Graphics user interface computers without a mouse. You can use the key board as a mouse by changing the settings but it is not easy to work the computer without mouse.

    I am using mostly keyboard than mouse because using keyboard is faster than mouse.

    I will recommend everyone to use the keyboard as much as possible to avoid wrist injuries. Try to use the keyboard shortcuts to work instead of mouse.

    If the mouse is not invented then we will try to use the keyboard or may be some other device like mouse would have been invented to replace mouse.

    There are many mouse device that suits the ergo like divided keyboard and sophisticated mouse are available now

    Check the below link for various mouse and keyboard devices

    D.Jeya Kumar(JK)

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