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    Federal Reserve Bond

    How can I tell if a bond issued by the United
    States Federal Reserve is authentic?
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    My very wealthy great aunt left me a Bond in her will.
    I'm now in possession of a Federal Reserve Bond Note issued in the year 1935.
    I'm unsure if the document is authentic as the amount is staggering.
    The paper appears to have an authentic watermark and an inventory list issued through Wells Fargo Bank.
    The Bond itself, however, has what appears to be a typo at the bottom that reads "BY THE SUPERINTENDENT OF DOCUMENT U.S. GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE NEW YORK 10302" which I thought should read "...DOCUMENTS...".

    Also, the note was issued in 1935 but the officers who's signatures appear on the Bond served their terms about ten years later. In addition, the officers served their terms separately about one year apart. The secretary of state and the secretary of the Treasury.

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