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    Characteristics of a Good Programmer

    Impressive technical skills - Good programmers dive into a deep understanding of technical stuff. They learn about what it can do, how it works and why.

    Willingness to learn - In a field like software development that's changing and advancing every moment, you should grasp knowledge and information from everywhere.

    Teamwork mentality - Great programmers offer teammates help when they are stuck, teach new skills to others and write documentation that would help teammates.

    A business perspective - A great programmer doesn't simply complete tasks that are assigned to them, but they take into account the broader impact on the system and user experience as a whole.

    Passion - It's the key to success. If you are passionate about your work you are more likely to become a good programmer.
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    5 characteristics to become a good programmer:

    1. Positive Attitude
    No matter whether you are doing anything, if you want to become good at something you would need to have a positive attitude towards your goal. We saw a person can go far and go good without a good attitude.

    2. Team Player
    Good programmers often are team players. They are working well with other developers towards organizational goals. It's important to work as a team, especially working in a large team. Being able to collaborate with other programmers make them, even more, stand out and get better.

    3. Problem Solver
    Often time programmers might face lots of unexpected issues when developing products. A good programmer can write real code that solves real-world problems. I believe that you might have heard of many programmers that are to succeed in their careers.

    4. Passion
    Passion is the energy and the key to success. If you are passionate about your work. You are more likely to be successful in being a good programmer. Almost every single day, programmers are facing a new challenge. If you didn't have a passion for the things you are working on as a programmer. It isn't impossible to become a great programmer without passion, but it's hard.

    5. Write Clean Code
    Good programmers not only write code that works, but they also write code that is scalable, readable, maintainable, and understandable. Although sometimes they might rush their work with some bad code. But if they have enough time, they will take out some time to refactor the code to make sure it's clean enough.

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    Good information on how to become a good programmer. A good programmer will be able to create a clean and structured programme.
    Knowledge is power.

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