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    What Makes Your Content Valuable?

    The first is that it's relevant. You need to be giving your audience the most up-to-date information, strategies, and knowledge in your industry, that way they begin to come to you instead of going elsewhere.
    The second thing is that your content should be easy to understand. There's no need to pontificate (lol) and show people all the words you know . . . just keep it simple and to the point. What you should ideally be shooting for is that if your content was shown to a 4th grader, they'd understand.
    The last part of the equation is that your content should be easy to apply. All the tips/hacks in the world don't mean anything if people can't actually apply them to get results themselves. Take the time to explain HOW to take that information and apply it!
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    The content is only valuable if it can be readily accessed and implemented for the given purpose. Today, the internet is full of information and we need to separate good content from these sources so that they can be used by the user who accesses that data or information.
    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

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