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    What is E-Commerce Why is it popular?

    01 E-Commerce
    E-commerce is a commercial activity which uses electronic media mainly for the purchase and exchange of goods and services.Or Internet advertising, for that matter.Including communication between buyers and sellers E-commerce is like a new form of trade that is more and more popular today.Simply put, that's e-commerce.

    In the past, a variety of media channels would be popular.In presentations or announcements such as TV, radio and what is used as a medium today.Is the Internet It is able to present information in various formats.It is made up of pictures, sounds and video clips.By doing great business.Doing business using E-Commerce will make it easy and wide-reaching customers, allowing some businesses to reduce their spending.That's beyond the necessity of doing business.

    02. Important factors that cause E-Commerce
    It is composed of buyers, sellers, companies, products and services.And trust Because businesses that use e-commerce, everything is done through the electronic media with the Internet as a conduit.Or selling intangible products and services online Hence, to make buyers believe that the site There are sellers and there are real products.You must first establish a relationship with your clients to gain their confidence.

    03. E-Commerce and how to build trust?
    The look of a web site that makes E-Commerce must have an attractive and reliable user interface design.By focusing on the design to be easy to use, not complicated, to meet the needs of users as much as possible.

    It must contain a section for users to make complaints about when an error occurs. Or problems related to products and services

    There are updates or improvements to products and services regularly. To be up-to-date at all times

    Try to keep the website from being closed too often. Because it may lose the trust of customers

    04. What types of E-Commerce are there?

    Business to Business (B2B) or entrepreneur with an entrepreneur is a transaction between a seller and a buyer. But the buyers here will be the form of entrepreneurs. That is to say, the two operators agreed to trade and trade with each other. It will focus on the wholesale trade. This will be done through the Internet completely.

    Business to Consumer (B2C) or entrepreneur to consumer is a direct trade between a seller or operator to a consumer. Or it can be called retail for buyers, such as ordering clothes, cosmetics, online, etc.

    Business to Government (B2G) or entrepreneurs with the government is the nature of doing business between the organization and the government. The company sells goods or services to the government sector, such as a construction contractor to build buildings and add roads to the government.Or a company sells office equipment to the government itself. The highlight of doing this type of business. Is that the government sector has a relatively high budget, especially the types of construction projects But in working with the government sector, it must be very detailed. In particular, the procurement requires all competitive bidding. May not make a profit at a very high rate

    Consumer to Consumer (C2C) or Consumer to Consumer is to exchange traded between consumers together Consumers here mean Individuals who do not operate their own business and other consumers are interested in buying the product Most of these listings are sold online. Via the Social Media platform because there is a convenient area to contact and trade

    The Government to Consumers (G2C) category focuses on the service of the government to the public through electronic media. There are currently many agencies that have adopted this type of E-Commerce widely used. Using the Internet to calculate taxes, provide news or information to the public, etc.

    Government-to-government (G2G) or government-to-government This type of communication is for exchanging information between ministries or between the public and private sectors, etc.
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    Thank you for the post. A great one.
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    Great points though!

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    E-commerce (electronic commerce) is the buying and selling of goods and services, or the transmitting of funds or data, over an electronic network, primarily the internet. These business transactions occur either as business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), consumer-to-consumer or consumer-to-business.
    An increase in Internet accessibility, ease of transaction, plenty of products and personalized offers, absence of the constraints of a physical presence and interaction makes online shopping desirable to consumers. Whether you are a business or consumer, eCommerce has many benefits for you.

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