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    Windows Action Center Does Not Work

    Hello everyone, I am having a weird issue on my PC. I recently installed a software and also a game, but after installing these, the Windows action center does not work. I do not understand what could be the issue? Has anyone else come across this issue? Please help me to fix it.
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    I started searching on Google after not receiving a response and came across this post I used solution 5 from this article, which is registering the action center with PowerShell. The problem was solved after following the method exactly. I no longer have any problems working on software or playing games.

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    Enable the Action Center Via Settings
    To enable it, follow these steps. Press Windows Key + I to open Settings, then head to Personalization > Taskbar. In the Taskbar settings, scroll down and select Turn system icons on or off. To enable the Action Center icon in the taskbar, turn on the Action Center option.


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