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    Is Google Universal Analytics going away?

    Is Google Universal Analytics going away? Will GA4 replace Universal Analytics?
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    Although Google Analytics 4 is now the default version for all newly created features in Google Analytics, some users still want to replace the old version (Universal Analytics) features. Although Google has made this option a bit more hidden, it is still possible.

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    Google Universal Analytics is not going away.
    However, Google has announced that they will be phasing out support for Universal Analytics in favor of the newer version of their analytics platform, Google Analytics 4 (GA4).
    GA4 offers more robust data collection and analysis capabilities, as well as enhanced user privacy features.

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    In an announcement, Google states: "We're focusing our efforts and investments on Google Analytics 4 to deliver a solution built to adapt to a changing ecosystem. Because of this, throughout 2023 we'll be shifting support away from Universal Analytics 360 and will move our full focus to Google Analytics 4 in 2024."

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    According to Google, Universal Analytics (UA) will not be going away entirely, however, Google Analytics 4 (GA4) will be the default option for new properties and the recommended option for all users. GA4 brings new features and capabilities that are not available in UA, such as automatic data collection and enhanced machine learning-based insights.

    Google has announced that they will continue to support UA for the foreseeable future, but they recommend that all users make the transition to GA4 as soon as possible to take advantage of the new features and capabilities. The process of transitioning from UA to GA4 can be a bit complex, so Google has provided some resources to help users make the transition smoothly.

    It's important to note that Google is also providing a tool to migrate your data from UA to GA4. The migration of data will make it easy to see the historical data in GA4 and compare it with the new data.

    To prepare for the transition, you should review the GA4 documentation and resources provided by Google, and consider working with a certified Google Analytics expert or developer to help you make the transition smoothly.


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    As of my final information replace in September 2021, Google was once in the method of phasing out Universal Analytics in want of Google Analytics 4 (GA4). GA4 is designed to provide extra superior monitoring and evaluation competencies in contrast to Universal Analytics, which used to be primarily based on older technology. Google had stimulated internet site proprietors and organizations to transition to GA4 to take gain of its better aspects and put together for the future of analytics.

    However, it is quintessential to word that my facts is now not current, and Google's plans and product choices can also have advanced considering the fact that then. To get the most updated records on the repute of Universal Analytics, I endorse checking Google's professional announcements, weblog posts, or their aid documentation for any latest updates or modifications associated to their analytics services.

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