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    How can replace my adsense I'd

    I have previously asked that my email address is not varified by mobile no because it has someone else has changed from my Google personal info. Now I have created a new email which found in Google but the email address is not varified previous adsense account or publisher I'd. So, I have again signed up Adsense account with the new email address. What is effects for my personal information or adds if I replace publishers I'd sides or blogger account. Also how can setting my new Google account with blogger account.
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    If you have created a new AdSense account with a new email address and you want to use it to replace your existing AdSense ID on your website, there are a few things you'll need to consider.

    First, you'll need to make sure that your new AdSense account is fully approved and active. You can do this by checking your AdSense account status in the "Earnings" tab. Once your new account is active, you can then replace the AdSense code on your website with the new code from the new account.

    You should also be aware that replacing the AdSense ID on your website may affect your existing ads and earnings, as your new ads may not be targeted to your audience as well as your previous ads were. However, you should also see improvements in your earnings over time as you optimize your ads.

    Regarding setting your new Google account with blogger account, you need to go to and sign in with your new google account, then navigate to "settings" and select "permissions" and add your new google account as an admin.

    Please be aware that you should read the Adsense policies and guidelines before replacing your publisher ID to avoid any issues.


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