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    How can I get organic rank for my astrology keywords?

    Despite using so many SEO methods, I still cannot rank my keywords on my website. It is a spiritual website; what can I do to get a better rank?
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    When a search engine returns its results, it gives you two kinds: organic and paid. According to relevance, organic search results are the listings that most closely match the user's search query. The goal of SEO is to rank high in the organic search results, also known as the "natural" search results. An organic SEO strategy consists of a number of smaller strategies, such as keyword research and link building, that help your website rank at the top of unpaid, organic search results.

    1. Check your current search ranking
    2. Define a keyword list
    3. Optimize pages for personas first, search engines second
    4. Optimize those page titles
    5. Quality copy always wins
    6. URL Structure matters
    7. Mix up your anchor text
    8. Use your ALT tags wisely
    9. Freshen up your meta descriptions
    10. Promote your content on social media
    11. Answer questions on Google's People Also Ask
    12. Create cornerstone pages

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    Use best and unique keywords
    Optimize your web pages
    Unique title
    Use ALT tags etc.

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    Using Google Analytics is the first method for finding organic keywords. These keywords can be found in Google Analytics by navigating to the "Organic Search" section of the dashboard: ACQUISITION > ALL TRAFFIC > CHANNELS > ORGANIC SEARCH.

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