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    How can reopen my Google account with my this mobile no.

    Dear Sir,
    With respectfully I like to inform you that unfortunately I cannot reopen my all Google account with this device or mobile no. I have many times trying to access my account but failed. I have already set my email address and mobile no in Google and now I have changed my device also trying to sign in but there are shows options for troubleshooting and 2step verifications and try to various options for access. My mobile no is not matching with this no and I failed to sign in my Google Accounts. So, how can verified my Google account with this device or running mobile no.
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    Steps to Recover Your Gmail Account with a Phone Number

    -The process to add a recovery phone number to your Gmail account is not too different if you do it from an Android device. Open the Gmail app and tap on the three-lined menu option, and go to Settings.
    - Now, choose the account you want to add the phone number to and tap on Manage your Google account.
    -Just as if you were on your computer, you'll need to choose the countries prefix and then add your phone number. -You'll get a code you'll need to add, and you're good to go.
    -Having a way to recover your Gmail account is a must. With so many passwords you need to remember, there will come a time when you can't remember your password and can't get into your account. So,
    having a way to recover your Gmail account will come in handy.

    Rachel Gomez

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    Thanks giving to you Sir for your valuable response. I have two types of Google account, 1st example as 2012@gmail and 2nd is 2014@gmail. The second Gmail is already varified with this mobile No. - - - - - 44 Google account but I have not previously varified Google + profile with this email address. My Google + profile is varified by 1st Gmail Addresses which is (2012@gmail.) not open. I mean hare Google account is varified by the 1st Gmail address with tecuhulator. com . I have not varify with the second email address Google with techulator. com side. Other sides I have trying go to Gmail by the device apps but there asking for email or phone number to sign in Google accounts, after placed my previous email it has not varified while trying to log in with this mobile number or changing password.

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    I like to inform experts that today I have successfully recovered my gmail or Google account through the Google support team. The account which is hacked by own Vadaphone Services Lapu no. accidentally it has not activated perfectly with the previous devices. I have innerly thanksgiving to Google support team and the experts for helping me to secure my account and also thanks to all social media for care my account. There are needs two or three steps to full recover my Google accounts.

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    Amazing great answer.
    I want to say always set your recovery email account, then you don't face any problem.

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    you can 100 percent recover your account using your phone number

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    If you own the account, you can request access to it again. Sign in to your Google Account on a browser, like Chrome. Select Request Review. Follow the instructions.


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