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    Are there any transactional Tables in the SAP Module MM?

    Am I missing something? It seems to be the case that there is just Master Data.

    I researched a lot, but all I find is the most detailed Information.

    Could it be the Case that it's true (just Masterdata in MM) and the transactional Data is store in SD Tables?

    I'm looking for Data about, for example, how many Products of Type X are in Plant Y (I need Key-Figures for an Analysis in SAP Analytics Cloud as a preparation for Projects).
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    In the SAP MM (Material Management) module, there are indeed primarily master data tables that store information about materials, vendors, and other relevant data for managing materials in the organization.

    However, there are also some transactional tables in MM that store information about goods movements, such as inventory transactions, goods receipts, and goods issues. For example, the table MSEG stores the line items of a material document and contains information about the movement of goods.

    Additionally, the module SD (Sales and Distribution) also contains transactional data tables that store information about sales orders and deliveries, such as VBAK (sales order header) and VBAP (sales order item).

    As for your specific need of Key-figures for an Analysis in SAP Analytics Cloud, you can use the data in the transactional tables to calculate the quantity of products of Type X in Plant Y. You can join the transactional tables with the master data tables to get the necessary information.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    For example: Vendor is a type of master data that is used for creating purchase orders or contracts. Transactional data − Data that is associated with processing of business transaction is transactional data.

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    Yes, there are several transactional tables in the SAP MM (Materials Management) module.
    Some examples of transactional tables in SAP MM include:

    EKPO - Purchase Order Item
    EKBE - Purchase Order History
    MSEG - Document Segment: Material
    MKPF - Header: Material Document
    MARD - Storage Location Data for Material

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    Absolutely! The SAP Module MM (Materials Management) involves various transactional tables pivotal for seamless operations. These tables, like EKKO (Purchasing Document Header) and EKPO (Purchasing Document Item), play a crucial role in tracking and managing procurement transactions. Understanding these tables enhances efficiency in SAP MM processes.

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    Yes, SAP Module MM (Materials Management) includes transactional tables such as EKKO (Purchase Document Header), EKPO (Purchase Document Item), and MSEG (Document Segment: Document Header Data in Document) for transactional data storage.

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    Yes, SAP Module MM includes transactional tables like EKKO (Purchasing Document Header) and EKPO (Purchasing Document Item), crucial for managing procurement processes and tracking transactions efficiently.

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