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    Do you really care of your Smartphone's Security?

    Most of people are in routine of day that starts with smartphone and ends with smartphone. Smartphone has evolved a lot in our life now. Majority of people woke up looking at the notifications or at least at the clock on their smartphone. The records says that majority of the young people contribute their most of time using smartphones. And the numbers have rapidly grown after Corona Pandemic. So when smartphones are a major part of our life now, do you ever thought of the importance of data it carries, all the contacts, videos, photos, saved passwords, etc. Do you actually think protecting your smartphone from a screen lock does all the work for you?

    Or are you completely secured using a free antivirus from the app store? What precautions do you take for your smartphone to protect it from getting infected by virus, spyware, etc.
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    I mean, yeah i do.
    My phone contains very private data which needs to be secured in my phone.

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    And how do you manage to keep it secure?


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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