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    After how much time we should change our smartphone?

    Everyone is using a smartphone nowadays. They are available in different models having different prices. As new models are coming with more facilities, people who can afford, are just dumping their old smartphones and going for a new one. In my opinion smartphone should be used for at least 3-4 years before going for a new one. What do you think? What should be the life of s smartphone in this fast changing environment?
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    Experts say that the average lifespan of smartphones is around 2.5 years and after that phones will cause one or more issues like no battery backup, hanging issues, no frequent updates, etc.
    If your smartphone still gets system and security updates after 3- 4 years and having no above-mentioned issues, no need to go for a new one I guess.
    I'm using my phone for the past three years and have found no issues so far.

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    I believe as far as your smartphone is working properly and matching out your needs you should not update to a new one just considering the trend! Though, smartphones don't have long life these days because of several factors like Battery, Software Updates, Viruses, etc.

    Battery plays a major role in any electronic device, the times when we charge our battery from 0-100 at one go, these are the times when the battery element gets continuous heat and result in swelling in some cases if it is old and the same process is repeated ample times. And considering battery as a heart of the smartphone, if battery gets some issues then the smartphone will eventually end up functioning slow, sudden shutdowns and many more strange incidents.

    Software Updates: It is well said the average life span of a smartphone is 2.5 years as after that not all smartphones are capable to cop up with the current updates and in some cases even the smartphone brands don't care of their old customers or old smartphone series to send a update and this will also result it some bad incidents coming up with your smartphone. As no matter if the smartphones sends an update for their OS or not, but the applications on PlayStore or AppStore will be updated with their latest updates and at one point of time your smartphone will not be capable of handling those applications smoothly.

    However, this is noticeable in today's materialistic world that people change their smartphones considering the TREND which should not be the priority, and the answer to your question in my words would be, as far as your smartphone is capable of doing your regular tasks comfortably you should not update to a new one.


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