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    Applications of AI in controlling household gadgets remotely

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is going to be used in the industry in a big way as there have been tremendous developments in the robotics and software applications. It is said that everything would be hooked to AI in the coming times. It seems that the gadgets in our houses will also be connected to the AI network and we will be able to check them and even operate them remotely. Do you think such things will be soon introduced in our country?
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    Artificial Intelligence is proving to be much effective for human beings in various aspects of life. The research continues with the rapid rate of new inventions and innovations to the existing technology. Moreover, Artificial Intelligence has proved its applications in the household too, and some of which are discussed below:

    1. Amazon Echo Dot: A smart device from Amazon embedded with smart features of Artificial Intelligence could help its users in doing various tasks remotely for example: switching on/of the lights, fans, AC. Even if your home gadget isn't empowered with smart AI features, you can turn them to function smartly using various third-party technology like smart switches, etc.

    So this point proves the remote controlling application of AI.

    2. Efficient Utilization of home devices: You can control your smart home gadgets remotely and make them function only when required which results in to increase in efficient utilization and also saves electricity.

    3. Robots: Robotics is one major field when you consider writing about Artificial Intelligence because mostly all robots are developed with AI technology embedded with them. Robots are used to perform various tasks with perfection in which human beings lack.

    4. Enhancing home security: AI-powered home locks and cameras are also proving their efficiency to human beings and considered to be good application of Artificial Intelligence.


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