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    Is GOlang really a go to software?

    They say that languages that exist have been good enough for large-scale programming until past years, but there have been huge changes in the technical environment last decade included a lot of networking, cluster computing, or the cloud as know by the common folk.
    Golang is very small, simple, and minimalist. It only has a handful of features. To learn GoLang, you have an understanding of C-like syntax and object-oriented terminologies, then you can easily learn and use Golang.
    Does GoLang have a future?
    Go has skyrocketed in the span of 6 years from birth
    absolutely minimalist language
    Go has superb built-in support for concurrency
    Is Golang better than Python and C++?
    For the readability of code, Golang definitely has the upper hand in most cases and trumps Python as a programming language.
    Go is much easier to learn and code in than C++ because it is simpler and more compact. Go is significantly faster to compile over C++.
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    Go or GoLang, is a language which is almost a substitute for C++ and Java. It mainly caters to the need of programming across large-scale network servers and big distributed systems. For those who are engaged in that type of work can think of learning this as an alternative. Today there are so many coding languages available that it is very difficult to decide as to learn which and ignore which. Most of them are very capable of dealing with every situation. In fact there is competition between these.
    Knowledge is power.

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    According to their study from 2020, Golang has been the most desired language to learn for three years in a row. Not only that, Go is in the top ten of most loved languages to use and is the third most popular language on GitHub in terms of stars.

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