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    Which type of website is good for SEO purpose

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    Which type of website is good for SEO purpose?
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    Any website which has good content and well arranged key words are generally considered good from SEO point of view. The purpose of SEO awareness and techniques is to increase the traffic and it can be done only with certain catchy phrases and then providing the valuable content so that the user or surfer keeps on coming back. Internet is a competitive place and it is required to adopt to SEO practices in order to make ones site popular.
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    What exactly makes a website good for SEO purposes is its content, which is to be of good quality. If a website has proper quality content added with phrases what people use to search in the Google search box then that website will have a good SEO ranking and with that what I mean is that it will show up on the top search results of Google.

    Adding to this, I would say that majority of Internet users basically search for common topics like songs, technology, or education so if content related to these are published on a website then that website would have more chances of reach. However, the quality of the content matters the most for a website to have a good SEO ranking.


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    Blogging websites are the best for SEO purpose, But it's not the only factor. You must have good content with proper coding on the website. Mobile friendly and other. Creating a website is easy but making it rank is hard. Create any type of website with you need to make the basic elements strong.

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    Good content
    mobile friendly
    specific keywords
    accurate keywords arrangement

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