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    How to create an updated version of Google Analytics for a website?

    Google recently announced a new version of Analytics. Describing it as the new default version of its famous data collection and web traffic analysis software.

    Anyone tell me, How to create an updated version of Google Analytics for a website?
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    I think we can install the Google analytic again in our site and follow the instruction and it would install the latest version as a default. If you want more information go to

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    Follow the google documentation on installing analytics.... It will create the latest version of GA, if you want the old version click the button classic analytics and will take you to the old version. If you already have the old version installed then there will an option to check the latest version click and get the updated GA.

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    When you are ready to complete the Google Analytics 4 upgrade, head to the admin area and look for the 'Property' column. You should see the 'GA4 Setup Assistant' at the top of the column. Click on it to launch the upgrade assistant.


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    Sign in to your Google Analytics account.
    Click Admin.
    At the top of the Property column, select your property.
    In the Property column, click Data streams > Web.
    Click the data stream for your website.
    Under Google tag, click View tag instructions

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