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    What is the right approach for a good software developer?

    What is the best way to start a freelance career as a programmer/coder/software developer? Can I skip some of the 'old' programming languages like C++ and jump into learning newer ones like Ruby or Swift?
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    If you have good expertise in some old language(s) then you can very well skip some of the old languages now and straight jump to some which are much popular today say like Python. Enhancing programming skills requires structured and clean coding practices and using the lib ray wherever available. The main program need not to be very lengthy as use of available library resources is made.
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    Good Software developers are effective.

    They have a strong work ethic and show up at sessions. The ability to predict the amount of time required to plan, coordinate and complete a task is an important skill. Exceptional programmers are great for managing their clients or leaders instead of the boss managing them.

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    The best way to start a freelance career as a programmer, coder, or software developer is to start with some basic languages like c and c++ before directly jumping to the new ones like Swift or python because starting from the basics will develop a strong base for you, similarly what we notice while making a building, foremost, the base of the building is considered to be developed strong.

    After learning the basic language's syntax you need to practise them in practicality. Now as you have learned or coded all the basic programs, you need to jump to developing some effective projects of your own using those coding languages. You can get an idea of various projects already made and published online. The main focus of coders is not only to code but to code effectively and with this what I mean is to code as short and simple as you can.

    And for getting into freelancing as a coder or programmer you will need to excel your skills in competitive programming too as freelancing in this field will get you to work like developing various projects, websites, or app in some cases for people who hire you.


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    Yes, it is important you choose a language you have an interest in and make that your forte rather than trying to learn everything. at once.

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