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    How would you recover lost files from a system infected by a virus?

    How would you recover lost files from a system infected by a virus?
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    These are the things you can consider.
    Solution 1:
    1. If you have an antivirus program on your infected computer, you can run a full scan to find and remove the malicious program/software.
    2. Once it is free from virus, restore the system to last recovery point.

    Solution 2:
    1. Remove the hard disk.
    2. Connect it externally to a laptop/ computer using a SATA cable.
    3. Run the antivirus program on the device to which the infected harddisk is connected.
    4. Take the backup.

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    Steps to Recover Virus Infected Files
    Reset all file attributes to unhide files hidden by a virus:

    Step 1: Install data recovery software.
    Step 2: Scan the infected drive.
    Step 3: Select files for recovery.
    Step 4: Recover selected files to a safe location.
    Step 5: Format the infected drive.

    Rachel Gomez

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    To recover lost files from a virus-infected system, use reliable antivirus software to remove the virus. Employ data recovery tools like Recuva or Disk Drill, ensuring to restore files from backups or cloud storage for recovery.

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    To recover lost files from a system infected by a virus, it is crucial to first isolate the affected system to prevent the virus from spreading further. Employ reputable antivirus software to thoroughly scan and eliminate the virus. Following virus removal, utilize data recovery tools such as Recuva or EaseUS to retrieve lost files from the system. If backups are available, restore files from these sources, ensuring that the backup files are free from the virus. To mitigate the risk of future incidents, implement proactive measures like regular backups and keeping antivirus software up to date.

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