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    What to do when the domain names I want are not available?

    What to do when the domain names I want are not available?
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    I think if we do not get the intended one then we must have some alternatives in our mind but it should be relevant as far as possible. A change of spelling by misspelling the word is one trick that some people use. For example one might be creating a blog for good coding practices and does not get the most obvious name like codelearn or learncode then one has to try the kode in place of code. It is worth trying sometimes.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Here are 13 tactics you can use if you can't have the domain name of your dreams.
    -Try to buy it. Duh, right?
    -Add a verb to your domain name.
    -Extend your brand in the URL.
    -Consider a ccTLD.
    -Add your country to the domain name.
    -Look at alternative TLDs.
    -Use a domain hack.
    -Experiment with abbreviations.

    Rachel Gomez

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    When we ran a webshop, we used these:

    1. Add a verb to your domain name.
    2. Extend your brand in the URL.

    And they were pretty legit tactics.

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    There is given below some advice when the domain name is not available:

    Make a small change
    If the exact domain name you want isn't available, a similar name may still be. Sometimes making a simple change will result in a name that's available. Remember: the keyword is simple.

    Buy the Name
    Domain names are bought, sold, and auctioned like any other property. If the domain name you want is being used on a successful, actively maintained commercial website, chances are slim the owner will sell it to you.

    Assert Your Rights If You Already Own the Trademark
    If you are already in business and want to use your existing business name as your domain name, you may have the upper hand in a dispute with someone who's already using the name online.

    Add Your Country to the Domain Name
    This is actually a pretty simple solution that works without you having to change the content of your domain name. You have a couple of options here and should use whatever makes the most sense.

    Try to Buy Your Domain
    This can easily be the trickiest and most expensive option on our list. The first thing you'll want to do is actually look up the domain you're searching for, starting by actually entering the URL. If it is taken you'll get one of three things.

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    You can do some things:
    First, buy it. If you don't get the exact domain then get another one and add suffixes and prefixes to get new domain.

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    Consider altering the domain name slightly by adding a prefix/suffix, using different extensions. Alternatively, brainstorm and opt for a unique, available domain.

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    When the desired domain names are unavailable, consider tweaking the name slightly or exploring alternative domain extensions. Additionally, you can reach out to the current domain owner to inquire about purchasing or leasing options. Alternatively, consult with a domain broker for assistance in acquiring a suitable domain.

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    Get Creative: Try variations or combinations of words related to your brand, product, or service. Think outside the box to come up with a unique and memorable domain name.

    Use Different Extensions: If the .com domain is taken, consider using alternative extensions like .net, .org, .co, or country-specific extensions like .uk, .de, etc. However, be mindful of the implications of different extensions for your target audience.

    Contact the Current Owner: Sometimes, domain names are parked or owned by individuals or companies who are willing to sell them. You can try reaching out to the current owner to inquire about purchasing the domain name, although be prepared for negotiation.

    Monitor for Expiry: Keep an eye on the domain's expiration date. If it's not renewed by the current owner, it may become available for registration again. There are services that can help you monitor domain availability and expiration.

    Consider Domain Auctions: Some domain names are sold through auction platforms. Participating in domain auctions could give you the opportunity to acquire a desired domain, although prices can vary widely.

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