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    Difference between TCP 3 way handshake vs SSL handshake

    Could someone explain what is the difference between TCP 3 way handshake and SSL handshake? Does TCP handshake establish a secure channel for data transmission? I understand that SSL handshake starts right after the TCP 3 way handshake to initiate connection to the server. Could you tell me when the tcp 3 way handshake closes the connection? is it after ssl handshake and data transmission?
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    Both of these are for securing a connection and finally it continues with SSL. What TCP 3 way handshake does is simply to establish connection and then SSL takes over and sustains it. May be in some configurations we do not find the TCP 3 way handshake as the SSL is suffice to make it and sustain it.
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    Thank you for your answer. Could you tell me on which OSI layer SSL handshake works exactly?

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