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    Income tax on Blogging - How about multiple people working on same website with 1 Adsense account?

    If multiple bloggers work on the same website and receive the Adsense income on a single bank account.

    1) Which ITR form should the person use to file an income tax return?
    2) What "business code" should be selected on the form for Adsense - Youtube/Blogging, Amazon Affiliate income?
    3) If the income exceeds 10L per financial year - But falls below 5L after paying the other bloggers. Does the person have to pay any tax? Where should the name of the other bloggers be mentioned on the ITR form? Do they have to file ITR return as well (what if they earn below 2.5L per FY)?
    4) Can I receive gift up to 50k from others along with it?
    5) What is Advanced tax - Is it necessary here? When does it need to be paid?
    6) What all are the expanses that can be claimed for blogging? Can the blogger also claim 80C (along with the blogging expenses)?
    7) If the person has other income from trading & investing income - but this falls within the income tax slab. Then its ok, right?
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    Hi Dan,

    1. It should be ITR-4, the form for Freelancers.
    2. YouTube/Blogging seems appropriate.
    3. You can show it as Expense. Other bloggers don't need to file ITR but it is suggested that they better do it. Where to mention the names, I am not sure.
    4. Not sure
    5. If you expected tax amount is more than 10,000 Rs, then yes, you must file Advance tax.
    6. Laptop, internet bill, electricity bill, any travel done for the purpose, etc. Expenses and 80C are different.
    7. You need to show it when filing the return.

    To be honest, ITR-4 is very complex. It is better to learn how to file it from a CA or let a CA do the filing.

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