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    Which one you prefer mobile or laptop?

    Sometimes we have to work for a longer time like writing an article or making a detailed report and many people prefer laptop or desktop for carrying out such work. But youngsters nowadays are well versed and habitual with mobile may like to do or somehow do it in their handheld devices. What is your take on this? If you have to work longer then what would you prefer - using a mobile device with inconvenient way of typing or going to do it in the laptop with ease and comfort?
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    I would be surprised if anyone can write a good article from his/her mobile. When I was a Lead Editor Resources on ISC some authors used to submit articles from their mobile. Such articles had poor formatting and bad English. A good author would never do such carelessness with his/her work.

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    Nowadays because of so many ads popping up writing in mobile has become much more difficult. I also feel that laptop or desktop is a good option.
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    Both are different devices. Depending upon the usage. Well mobile is more continent and have much more use then laptop. In Short, I suggest Mobile phone.

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