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    What hardware do I need for VoIP?

    A VoIP PBX system, whether hosted in the cloud or located on site, is a combination of software and hardware components that a company will use to route calls through their phone system. Some hardware, like headsets and IP phones, can be used with either type of system.
    Requirements for voip:
    A computer with a headset and microphone.
    A smartphone with a VoIP app.
    SIP compatible desk phone.
    Regular landline with ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter)
    I know best voip company in India.
    Voip Provider - Bridgei2p
    Currently I'm in US
    So, I want to know a best voip provider in US.
    Can anyone give suggestion?
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    There are many of them in US and some are expensive while some are cheaper and some are for big companies while some are good for a small setup of 4-5 people. I can just name a few like -
    1. RingCentral.
    2. Nextiva,
    3. Ooma.

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    Thanks for the info umesh. Been searching for these on the forums but no luck. Glad i found it here.
    Thanks again

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    -For a VoIP phone system to work, you have to have a modem and router, which are part of your existing internet setup.
    -Users make calls from any device that has your call software downloaded.
    -This device can be a smartphone, laptop, or desktop. You can also make calls from a VoIP phone.
    -VoIP hardware consists of a router, modem, and either an ATA or IP phone.
    - When it comes to VoIP, there is a minimal amount of hardware required to get you connected to your new phone system. First and foremost, you need to have an internet connection .

    Rachel Gomez

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