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    Is the growing use of the internet right for us?

    In this modern era, we are completely depend on the Internet. Today Internet users are increasing every day. People have been using this for hours and depend on it for everything they do. Also we hear many new information like hacking where we can lose a lot of ours data. If you have to use it, do it carefully so that it does not happen that you also become a victim of hacking.
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    Internet has become now an indispensable place and we have to anyway visit it to find the information we need. Only thing is we must ensure that our devices are well protected with anti virus apps so that no mal ware can easily penetrate in them. Still hackers and other evil elements in Internet are finding newer methods to break the privacy and steal away the personal and other precious data. That is one emerging threat and software engineers are trying to find ways to cope up with these problems.
    Knowledge is power.

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    I would say both of them have a good and bad effect on our lifestyle.
    It connected people from anywhere in the world, using emailing and instant messaging services we can talk to anyone that we and even with strangers.
    Banking and shopping online have made our life easy, and online payment options made ease of transaction.
    We can get any information on the internet enhanced, which increases our research power.

    Also, there are some bad effects like, easy availability of illegal or inappropriate materials online that isn't age-suitable.
    We are addicted to the internet, and social media affecting our real life.
    Your privacy isn't safe, if you go into some unsafe pages on the internet it will steal your data.
    Misuse of the internet can lead us to danger.
    Still, the internet is good for us. We just have to be aware of hackers and any unsafe activities that are going on the internet.

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    Paradoxically, virtual life is more social than physical life.
    According to me the two most prominent effect of the internet on society is:
    Information overload: Information overload is associated with loss of control, feelings of being overwhelmed, reduced intellectual performance, and diminished job satisfaction.

    Damage to social relationships: Extensive use of social media, in particular, is correlated with loneliness and social isolation.
    In order to live a happy life, we need to make a good balance between real life and digital life.

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