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    What security measures one should take on smartphones to safeguard our financial details.

    Now many of us use our smartphones for many financial transactions like making payment for purchases or for transferring money to friends or colleagues. For such transactions we either use apps like Paytm or Google Pay and even many times use the apps of our banks.

    We also save our credit and debit card details in many apps from which money can be transferred in an instant. What if, my phone gets lost while travelling or it gets stolen, in such a scenario all my banking details and apps will be in the hands of some unknown person.

    What security measures we can take in such a situation to prevent financial loss?
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    There are some measures that the experts advise us to do and definitely these are helpful. Some of these are -

    1. Locking the phone with password or finger detection.
    2. Using remote wipe app for erasing the phone data remotely.
    3. Encrypting sensitive data using some encrypting apps.
    These are some measures that could be useful in case the phone is misplaced or stolen.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Yes, screen lock and fingerprint options are enabled. Can you specify the remote wipe apps and encryption apps which are trustworthy.

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    Manoj, you have asked a question for which I do not have practical experience but there are some platforms and apps which can send an email to the device and wipe out the data. You have to instruct them to do it under a password controlled communication. If you want to know more about it then you can visit a good blog as follows where some relevant information is provided.

    Knowledge is power.

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