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    Why techulator are not gives the progress certificate.

    Respectively I thinking that we are all continued writing articles in Techulator and earning the points and having experience in computer technology or mobile technology. But Techulator has not gives the experience or progressed certificate to students. Some students are joining Techulator for a little experience or some students and technologist continued their performance and earning points in , the points are provides in our profile Level. The profiles coppice are not supporting while we are goes for an interviews or doing jobs nor supporting for the educations. Some students parents or guidance are not satisfies from the profiles coppice, they thinking that it's like a game we gaining points from the platform. So, they joining in government or private institute for computer or other experience and earn from there Certificate future supporting in education and other works.So, I thinking that if has present progress certificates to whom participated in competition or presented experiences. Also our Indian government has announced that the some site education systems are change for next schools and college courses.If Techulator gives us experience certificate who progress from Brunche Level then it's supporting us various site education and jobs.
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    You have put an interesting query and being a senior member here, I would like to respond to it. An agency which is licensed by the authorities to teach the students online and taking a fee and imparting a training can issue a certificate of completion to the successful candidates and the employer everywhere would honour it as they honour all other credential issued by other authorised and approved institutions. Now Techulator or any such knowledge sharing site in the internet is not imparting that type of courses and have not got any such approval also from the authorities so far. So, in absence of that how can they issue a certificate of proficiency to a member. In future, if Techulator diversify in the area of imparting and teaching select courses then it would issue the certificate also and the students can produce it anywhere they apply for job etc. Incidentally Techulator has a sister institution (SpiderWorks Technologies) which is already imparting trainings in some select fields (like digital marketing) and those who are interested can take advantage by registering there and find out the modalities like fee structure and types of courses available. Authentic certificates after completion of course can be obtained from there.
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