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    Will the use of ethernet LAN be obsolete in future?

    With the change in technologies in terms of Internet Connection such as from 4G to 5G and most of the people are using affordable 4G internet pack on their phone or may use will 5G on phone. Despite all these will the use of ethernet LAN connection be still in demand or will it be obsolete?
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    I think it would not be obsolete so soon as in some big houses where many people live as a family the ethernet LAN would still be used by some people.
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    My thoughts not in near future. Nothing amazing yet to replace it....

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    Ethernet technology is continuously enhancing and most companies are depending on this technology. While it may not widely be used in houses, companies will use it in the future also.

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    It is unlikely that the use of Ethernet LAN will become completely obsolete in the future. Ethernet LAN is a well-established and widely used technology for local area networks, and it has continued to evolve and improve over time. Ethernet LAN is still the primary technology used for wired network connections in many organizations, and it remains a reliable and efficient way to transmit data over short distances.

    However, there are some trends that may reduce the demand for Ethernet LAN in certain situations. For example, the increasing popularity of wireless networks and mobile devices means that there may be less need for wired connections in some environments. Additionally, advancements in technologies such as 5G and fiber-optic networks may provide faster and more reliable alternatives to Ethernet LAN in certain applications.

    That being said, Ethernet LAN is still likely to remain an important technology for many organizations and applications in the foreseeable future. It provides a secure and reliable way to transmit data over short distances, and it can be easily integrated with other networking technologies. As with any technology, Ethernet LAN will continue to evolve and adapt to changing needs and demands, but it is unlikely to become completely obsolete.

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    It is far-fetched that Ethernet LAN will become out of date sooner rather than later. Ethernet is favored by a number of applications and industries due to its high speed and dependability, even as wireless technologies continue to advance.

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    Ethernet LAN's complete obsolescence isn't imminent due to its reliability and high-speed connectivity. However, with advancing wireless technology like Wi-Fi 6 and 5G, Ethernet might diminish in certain consumer applications, but it remains crucial for enterprise networks and high-performance setups.

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