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    What is the utility of keeping 2 mobiles while moving here and there?

    I have seen many people keeping two mobiles with them and they sometimes use one while sometimes use the other one. Have you ever noticed this thing around? What is the utility of keeping two mobiles? Is it not inconvenient to carry two mobiles especially when we have a facility of dual SIM cards in most of the models. Members may like to opine on this.
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    a that was in the mobile is also a matter of concern as it can go in bad hands who could misuse it. What precautions do you take to keep your mobile safe especially when you go out? Please shar

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    Indeed, I have noticed this several times that people do carry two different mobile phones with them. And well, I am one of them too. I am currently using two different mobile phones, the major reason for me is the Operating system and compatible applications. I am currently using both Android and iOS for different work. One silly reason would be that using two different Operating Systems don't get me bored. I have several applications which are only compatible with Android and some amazing iOS attachment which has eventually forced me to carry both the smartphones.

    Moreover, battery plays a major role for me, I understand that a power bank can be carried too but none or less you will result in carrying the same weight hence I prefer to carry my other mobile phone. Moreover, since Apple smartphones doesn't give you options to increase your embedded storage space though that could be tricked and done via some Indian technicians but that is not advisable hence I carry my Android smartphone along with me so as I have plenty of storage space on offer which carry all my old photos and video clips.

    Also as I am currently using one for my business purpose and the other one for entertainment purpose so I have segregated the applications accordingly. This is in result when you end up wishing for everything all in one and you don't want to miss any of your desire from your smartphone.

    However, there is no hard rule to carry multiple smartphones and the similar things at some extent could be clubbed in one smartphone too but anyways it's all about personal opinion of having more productivity.


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    Answering to dfssf:

    I believe smartphones are like babies to human now, everyone either have them on their hands or in the pocket. Even though, in some casual scenarios when people leave their mobile phones without care on public place then it might get stolen. In such scenarios, I would suggest first and foremost to keep a strong password for screen lock. Secondly, you should always have the option turned on to track your smartphone in such theft cases. I remember once we tracked my friend's stolen mobile phone and we were successful in order to get it back as we were quick to our actions!

    So a straight answer to your question would be that you will have to decide the amount of care or attention you would have to pay to your smartphone according to the place you are going. Like in personal home you won't be much concerned about your smartphone getting stolen but consider going in a marriage function there you would have to be more careful in order to have your smartphone safe and secure along with you.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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